Column by Randy Lee Payton


Item: Kristine Gebbie, White House A.I.D.S. advisor was quoted in the San Francisco Examiner as telling a conference on teen-age pregnancy that simply talking about sex "in terms of don'ts and diseases" is not working and that the U.S. needs to start viewing human sexuality as "an essentially important and pleasurable thing." Gebbie said that until society does so "we will continue to be a repressed, Victorian society that misrepresents information, denies sexuality early, denies homosexual sexuality particularly in teens and leaves people abandoned with no place to go."


Addressing HEAD-ON the whole issue of sex education for today's youth is a group young people from Chicago called Coalition for Positive Sexuality. Members of the Coalition visit a different high school around the Chicago area every Thursday with free condoms and copies of their excellent, bluntly-worded sexuality education booklet called Just Say Yes! The response to these young "guerilla sex educators" has been hugely positive from the students while causing reported consternation on the part of (some) school administrator stiffs. CPS members began their own sex education campaigns because they felt the information reaching teens was inadequate. CPS was formed in order to begin talking to teens not just about safer sex, but to offer a view of sexuality which, validates the choices young people make to be sexual, to be gay or lesbian and to use birth control, and have abortions if and when they choose," according to Ann-Elizabeth Murdy, an activist in CPS. The Coalition includes students and members of ACT UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), ECDC (the Emergency Clinic Defense Coalition), No More Nice Girls, Queer Nation, and WAC (the Women's Action Coalition). The Just Say Yes! pamphlet contains information applicable to youths of ANY sexual persuasion. Interested parties can get a copy of Just Say Yes by sending $3) ($2 plus $1 postage) to CPS, 3712 N. Broadway Box 191, Chicago, IL 60613. (They tell us that Just Say Yes! is always free to teens, however; just drop 'em a note.) If you are interested in this project for your area or know someone who might be (CPS would like to do a national version of Just Say Yes! to which different communities could add their own resource sections and details, i.e. about area HIV testing sites and women's healthcare clinics), get in touch...


Kat Sunlove, publisher of the excellent SPECTATOR, California's Weekly Sex News magazine called recently about the status of Assembly Bill 17 (AB17), legislation which would require adult supervision -guards!- at vending machines containing adult materials of any kind--what the bill calls "harmful matter." AB17 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in February and Kat believes the bill "is virtually certain to pass both the Senate and Assembly floor votes and Governor Wilson is sure to sign it" which means the fool bill could in fact become law in the state of California next January 1st! After the SPECTATOR staff s 6-year lobbying efforts to defeat this bill (and learning much about constitutional law in the process) as well as conferring with several constitutional law attorneys, Kat tells us she believes the bill is indeed unconstitutional and can be defeated in a court challenge. AB17 is frightening in it's implications for a free press and citizens everywhere. Will ALL newspapers, i.e. ones accepting safe sex information or ads for X-rated movies be included in the sweep? At press time, the Northern California chapter of the ACLU is deliberating Kat's request for help in pursuing this case in court. In the meantime she has established a Legal Defense Fund to raise the $30-40,000 needed to just get into Superior Court (the first level) with an inevitable $10,000 needed after that (freedom isn't free, kids) The LA XPress has already offered $3000 to the drive, with support indicated from the new owner of the New Reality newspaper, as well as from San Francisco's Pleasure Guide. The Spectator's parent company, Bold Type, Inc., has already committed $5,000. Those able to help pony up the rest of the cash needed to see through this important impact case or for more information, write Kat Sunlove c/o SPECTATOR, P.O. Box 1984, Berkeley, CA 94701 or phone 510-849-1615, fax 510-658-3326.


On February 5, 1994 the Orange County, Florida Zoning Code Enforcement cited the Orlando, Florida store Liberty Video for violation of the Orange County Zoning Code. Specifically, the store's building was cited for having been painted in the red, white, and blue motif of the American flag! The zoning official who visited the premises left a letter that stated, "...this violation MUST be corrected within five (5) days from receipt of this letter or the matter will be referred to the Code Enforcement board for appropriate action," with the official stating that Liberty Video would be fined $250.00 per day if the violation was not corrected. Liberty Video "has decided to fight this insult to patriotism and violation of the Constitution," retaining David Wasserman to represent them. Wasserman estimates the cost of Liberty's defense expenses to be in the thousands, however. To help build it's defense war chest, Liberty Video will be holding a fund-raising party Saturday April 9, 1994 with such adult film luminaries as Tom Byron, Debbi Diamond, Ron Jeremy, Kimberley Kupps, Tiffany Minx and Sunset Thomas attending. There will also be live music, food and drinks. For more information call Liberty Video at (407) 294-1919. See you there!...

When they came for the Fourth Amendment I didn't say anything because I had nothing to hide.
When they came for the Second Amendment I didn't say anything because I didn't own a gun.
When they came for the Fifth and Sixth Amendments I didn't say anything because I had committed no crimes.
When they came for the First Amendment I couldn't say anything.
(reprinted from Urine Nation News, now Alter Or Abolish)
"...remaining vigilant to insure public consideration of voices for practical, libertarian alternatives--seeing that such proposals are not ruled "out of hand" by the usual array of anti-democratic forces (tied to vested financial / social interests in maintaining the status quo)-- may well prove to be the key challenge for the grass-roots Anti-Censorship Movement in the period ahead. " --"New Directions for the Anti-Censorship Movement" SPUNK #1 . Feb, '94

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