By: Tommy Tearaway

"I do not know why drugs are not used as tools of research. You want to know how the atom works? Smash it and look at the pieces. You want to know how the mind works? Get it smashed and see what the pieces are." --Terence McKenna, author of Food of the Gods and True Hallucinations, "The Timothy Leary of the '90's" Any volunteers?

The DEWARD POND SOCIETY meets every other Sunday at Gotham City Cafe. Organized by Tim Diaz (Red C), singers, songwriters and musicians gather for informal set, jams and communication. Appreciative non-musicians are present and welcome as well.

Prison News Service (PSC Publishers, POB 5052 Sta. A, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5W 1W4) is the best and most encompassing journal of the prison front I have seen to date. Lengthy stories from contributors, many of them incarcerees, get to the heart of matters not only in the Canadian penal system, but across the U.S. as well. A recent issue had several articles on the Lucasville, OH prisoner revolt of this spring. No ads, but an abundance of revealing journalism. This magazine is well tied into the militant anti-racist movement in Toronto and provides glimpses into this as well.

Bassist Spike Xavier (Mind Over Four) has replaced John Monte in Mindfunk.

Creative Life Entertainment has acquired a four story building at 1315 Broadway in Detroit's Harmony Park area. The building will house their label and a retail record store. Independent labels and bands are encouraged to participate, call 313-537-0590.

The Detroit Music Alliance (DMA), 313-740-SONG, is planning a compilation cassette of member bands. This is as good excuse as any for bands that have been on the fence about joining to join!


Acid rain has taken a precipitous dip in recent years, with probable thanks owed to the Clean Air Act implemented in 1970. Scientists of the U.S. Geological Survey used over 200 sites in the continental U.S. from Maine to California to garner results. The Act focused mainly on sulfur dioxide emissions, a product of certain coal burning. This is where the major reduction occurred and less attention was paid to the other causative agent, nitrogen oxides which are emitted from power plants and vehicles. A closer look needs to be taken at tropical deforestation. Brazil's Alberto Setzer used infrared data by U.S. weather satellites to count fires in the Amazon. He amazed the 1990 world at his reckoning of 20 million acres a year lost. In more recent years, Setzer's organization, the National Space Research Institute, and another Brazilian group have been putting the Land-sat spy satellite to better use gauging rainforest loss. They see a little over 5 million lost per year during the time Setzer made his calculations and about 3-1/2 million currently. At current levels some areas of the forest actually seem to be growing faster than they are deforested. Either way of looking at it, there seems to have been about a 50% decrease in jungle loss since attention was first brought to the issue. Taking a closer look at individual forests, we see that accelerated damage occurring to the Montane forest of the Ecuadorian Andes can be critical. These northern Andes are more heavily populated than the Amazon and are hence open to more abuse. The often given reason for the protection of the forest is the wealth of diverse plant life that occurs therein. Mountainous forests prove to have much more varied flora than the primarily treed forest of the lowlands, like the Amazon. Potatoes, lima beans and the malaria cure, quinine are some of the discoveries made to the Andes. Much damage to the Andes forest is done by drug related agriculture. For instance, almost 30,000 acres in a single year were destroyed to make way for illegal poppy fields. Gold mining, cattle ranching and coca (for cocaine) farming are among the most abusive operations in the area. (Science News, Vol. 144)

Mind Rape entered the studio at the end of November to record a nine song demo. Pantera and Dream Theater both released videos chronicling their world tours last month. The Beastie Boys have kicked off their Grand Royal label by signing and producing the Luscious Royales. Drummer Kate Schellenbach was the original Beastie's drummer. The Beasties plan on next using their label to propel a solo effort by their DJ Hurricane. Iron Maiden are auditioning new front men to fill Bruce Dickinson's departure a few months ago. Don't expect a Maiden release for a year and then probably a very intense tour to follow into '95. God Bullies, those Kalamazoo rockers are striking out from Am/Rep records and unabashedly seeking to follow Nirvana, Bad Religion, Afghan Whigs and others into the majors. Their beginnings are auspicious with two singles. One will be coming out on Radial, a Matador subsidiary, and the other on Sympathy For The Record Industry, one of my favorite labels. February and March should see the Bullies touring across the big lake and there's a possibility for an LP on Alternative Tentacles next year. Look for an interview by me around that time. Skrew is in the studio producing DUSTER with the able help of Critter and Howie Beno. Johnathan Burnside lends a hand as Epidemic enters the studio in San Francisco. Tentatively calling it THE BLEEDING, Cannibal Corpse is now esconced in Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns. Expect it in March. MENTAL CONTORTIONS is a single released by Psychotic Therapy. Their newest project, POSEIDON is being produced at Chicago's Wax Trax Studios. This will be their third release. GWAR will be releasing THIS TOILET EARTH in February. A new full length movie, SKULHEDFACE, will be released around the same time.

OUTSIGHT reaches music fans through several papers! Let OUTSIGHT know what is going on. Write: POB 1285, Royal Oak, MI 48068 or call 313-544-7179. Tom Tearaway is the editor of the Detroit-based, JAMRAG Magazine and the Detroit rep for R.O.C.

THE OFFICIAL G.G. ALLIN BIOGRAPHY IS NOW UNDERWAY! Don't let your part of the story be untold!

Writer Tom Tearaway, editor of JAM RAG Magazine and promoter/journalist John Stainbrook are now beginning the project that G.G. wanted fulfilled after his death. Everyone that crossed paths with G.G. is asked to contribute. Incidents that can be related through clippings, in writing or on IBM compatible diskette will be given first priority. Periodic documentation to as many respondents as possible is planned. Contact: Tom Tearaway, POB 1285, Royal Oak, MI 48068, 313-544-7179.

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