About the folks bringing you SPUNK: Tim Ashbaugh is a Taoist poet who has ran sound at Space Technology symposiums and worked security for Margo St. James' COYOTE balls in California. Tim today provides proofing and re-writes to SPUNK. Gary and Susan Gahagan were instrumental in mobilizing grass-roots opposition to the federal censorship bill S. 1521 between 1991-'92. Gary covers the Spunk News beat on page 3. Susan's essay "on the historical parallels between Ben Franklin and Howard Stern" will appear next issue. Randy Lee Payton has covered erotic arts scenes for legendary sexpapers the Los Angeles STAR and LOVE Magazine and most recently for EIDOS, GAUNTLET, London's PLANET SEX DIARY and the SEXUAL ENTHUSIAST. He is co-founder of Rock Out Censorship and THE ROC. Wink networks among libertarian tendencies. Thanks to Richard Renner for his computer expertise, to John Woods for his support and to Mike Heck for his suggestion of the name SPUNK for this publication (original name for the first Sex Pistols album).


More pages, more color, more fun & more anti-censorship piss & vinegar! Interview with pro-sexual expression activist Joe Redner from Florida's First Freedom organization, Profile of a Censor by Gary, a history of 'People's Porn' and more!

Editor: Randy Lee Payton

Associate Editors: Tim Ashbaugh, Gary Gahagan, Susan Gahagan, Wink

Subscriptions: $10 for 4 issues from P.O.Box 436, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

Contents (c) 1994. Anti-censorship groups and alternative press may use contents but please do credit and send copy where material appear.

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