By: Lon Milo Duquette

The myth of the Original Sin is perhaps the single most destructive concept ever to influence the mental health of humanity. The first four chapters of Genesis may have been enlightening to the handful of adepts studying cabalistic cosmology for whom and by whom it was written. But it's misinterpretation and misuse by a menagerie of two millennia of priestcraft has proven to be the true "original sin" of Western civilization. Recently, on one of the Christian television networks I witnessed a monstrous illustration.

I was watching a children's program, aimed at Christian pre-teenagers. (Okay, I admit to a small level of spiritual masochism.) A segment of the program was dedicated to questions mailed in by viewers in a sort of "Dear Abby" format and the show's hostess would answer from a "Christian" perspective. One youngster wrote that his preteen friends were always telling him "bad jokes" and had even passed around a magazine with "bad" pictures of women. Guiltlessly he wrote that, although he knew the jokes and magazine were "sinful," they gave him a feeling inside himself that he enjoyed. He wanted to know if his feelings were evil and, if so, what should he do to get rid of them.

After reading the letter aloud, the show's hostess (who was dressed as a cowgirl) answered in condescending baby talk that, even though the youngster was still only a child, he, like all of us, had sinned against God because of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The "dirty feeling" (her words, not his) was caused by the presence of this sin in all of us. She counseled him to pray to Jesus (especially at bed time), admit to Him that he was a sinner, invite Him into his heart and ask for the strength to "not enjoy" the feeling. She then gave him the sage advice to tell his friends to stop telling "bad" jokes and sharing the magazine with him because they made him feel "all dirty inside."

Of course, as most Christians have no knowledge of (or interest in) the historic foundations of their faith, they may be unaware that this obscene concept is part of church doctrine. However, few Westerners, Christians and non Christians alike, have escaped the traumatic influence of this "original curse" and the grip it has held on the testes of our culture. That child and perhaps millions of other sensitive young viewers of that program became victims of a form of spiritual/sexual child abuse as real and as deleterious as physical molestation. Those were a natural and wholesome unfolding of the creative impulse of his own innermost being. Feelings, if encouraged, nurtured and mastered in an environment free of imposed guilt can be the key to liberation of the soul. But, like countless others of generations before him, at the very moment of his "awakening" he was shamed into denying, repressing and eventually perverting that divine electricity each of us share with all creation.

(excerpt from the essay "Another Perspective on Infinate Love and Tantra by Lon Milo Duquette in Secrets of Western Tantra, the Sexuality of the Middle Path by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D., Preface by Robert Anton Wilson, Ph.D., Introduction by Marvin Spiegelman, Ph.D. Copyright c 1989 New Falcon Press/Golden Dawn Publications

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