Judge Mary Miles Teachout of Chelsea, Vermont ruled that a man charged with rape, David Green, could be released on bail if he agrees to avoid pornography. He is accused of repeatedly raping his wife. [ed.] The anti-pornographers apparently convinced this judge that pornography was guilty, not David Green. How does that help women?

--USA Today 11-30-93


Pleasant Hills (Pittsburgh) Volunteer Fire Co. retrieved less than $2000 of the $8000 cost of this year's fund-raising calendar after they succumbed to public pressure to clean up their act.

Complaints poured in during the sale of their 1989 calendar which featured scantily clad women. That calendar reaped $91,000 profit for the 15,000 calendars sold. Mayor William F. Steffen's comment about the new calendars, which pictures such things as historic buildings was, "I guess scantily clad women are more popular than borough landmarks."

--Tri-State Sports & News Service


Media coverage helped double the crowd at the Valencia (Pa.) Volunteer Fire Dept. Despite local residents and clergy complaints the striptease show attracted about 200 men paying $15 a ticket. Likewise, a Sharpsburg VFD (Pa.) attracted around 250 women to their male strip show. The department netted $1500 after expenses, despite protesters from the Madonna of Jerusalem Church. At both shows there was a lot of hooting and hollering and a good time was had by all.

--Valley News Dispatch
--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Book-burning is alive and well in Dayton, Ohio. The Spirit of Life Christian Center was scheduled to hold their annual book-burning event in November. But Satan, in the form of pollution control regulators, warned the Center that their book-burning violates the city's ordinance. The "good Christians" will continue their unlawful tradition despite criminal implications.

--USA Today 11-9-93


Ann Landers wrote that since the sex drive is the strongest human drive after hunger, she recommends masturbation. "This is a sane and safe alternative to intercourse, not only for teen-agers, but for older men and women who have lost their partners," Ann wrote. This advise, which she later reported receiving a lot of support for, also recommended "mutual masturbation--whatever it takes."

In an earlier column Ann caught hell from some of her readers for saying that the use of pornography was simply a sign of immaturity, most often grown out of. Ann buckled under to the pressure of people who wrote her saying pornography is a destructive addiction. She conceded, saying, "I've concluded that it may have been one of my worst [pieces of advice]." [ed.] The conservative Ann Landers is obviously waffling on this subject by saying it's OK to masturbate, but not OK to use pornography when you do.

--Ann Landers, syndicated 4-11, 7-19, 10-24, 11-28-1993

PORN 101

Judge John M. Cascio of Somerset County (Pa.) Common Pleas Court acquitted Annlee A. Sale, owner of an adult bookstore, of 3 counts of selling obscene or sexual material. Joseph Policicchio, Sale's attorney brought forth testimony which argued that pornography in question made a number of educational contributions, including sex education for adults. In his 24-page opinion, Judge Cascio wrote, "...the First Amendment protects our right to educate ourselves..." He added, "...one man's obscene material is another man's art."

--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11-9-93


Tammy Turner McCartney lost her battle with giant chemical company, Dow Corning, when she claimed silicone-gel breast implants leaked into her body and caused crippling health problems. The jury deliberated less than 2 hours before finding Ms. McCartney failed to prove her case. Because of health problems women are having when these implants leak, the FDA last year banned the sale of silicone-gel implants for all but medical reasons. Over 5400 cases are pending against Dow Corning. What was the sole reason Tammy McCartney lost her case? Tammy was a former topless dancer and also had an abortion. Dow Corning's lawyers focused in on these facts thereby persuading some of the jurors. The jurors admitted the tactic influenced their decision in so much as they were offended by the way Tammy lived her life. Tammy's attorney said that Dow's case was based solely on "character assassination, not facts." [ed.] Shame on the jurors for falling for this cheap and disgraceful tactic.

--Associated Press


Donald Wildmon's American Family Association became one of the August's top mailers of pornography in the country. Yes, the very same Donald Wildmon who claims to be on the forefront of the anti-porn crusade. In his August mailing to contributors he stated that ABC TV is about to broadcast a program "featuring soft-core, violent pornography." He enclosed a separate sealed envelope which said, "WARNING! This envelope contains pornographic pictures taken from ABC's program, NYPD BLUE." Recently the American Family Association ran an ad in USA Today claiming the association has 1.7 million families. [ed.] If this porno-packet was sent to all the families, then WILDMON WAS ONE OF THE UNITED STATES' TOP PORNOGRAPHERS! There is no argument to the fact that sex sells and Wildmon has opened shop.


Moral values are more important than 700 well-paying jobs to residents and politicians of Williamson County, Texas. Apple Computers was set to spend $80 million on a new plant but wanted a $750,000 tax abatement before starting construction. Residents and county commissioners are upset with Apple Computer's policy which grants health benefits to gay employees' partners. In a 3-2 vote on the tax abatement plan the county commissioners said they had "alot of support for defending good old-fashioned morals." One resident said, I'm a Christian and I don't believe in that kind of stuff. I don't believe homosexuals should be treated like married people." John Doerfler, one of two county commissioners that voted for the tax breaks, said "government shouldn't be meddling in corporation policies."

UPDATE: After a call from Governor Richards, one of the county commissioners had a change of heart after another vote was taken on the matter of tax abatements for Apple Computers. "My vote is not a change in my values. I am merely acknowledging Apple's right to come into Williamson County under a very favorable economic relationship for the people of our county," said David Hays the commissioner who changed his vote. [ed.] Why didn't he vote this way the first time!


The Southern Baptist Convention has started the "True Love Waits" campaign which is to be part of their sex education program. Other church organizations quickly followed, such as Assemblies of God, Pentecostal Church of God, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Campus Crusade for Christ. Teen-agers are to sign a pledge card promising to remain chaste until marriage.


The word's of hate monger Rev. Lou Shelton of the Traditional Values Coalition caused a riot at a church in San Francisco. Shelton was speaking about the so-called homosexual agenda when police were called in. About 100 protesters and churchgoers got into a confrontation that got out of hand. [ed.] Rev. Lou Shelton and his TVC are on the forefront of helping government enact legislation and ordinances denying homosexual rights.

--AFA Journal


The pro censorship lobby have a new ally in ex-porn star Holly Ryder. She wants a constitutional amendment to ban the manufacture, distribution and commercial use of adult films in California. To do this she is starting a petition drive to collect 600,000 signatures so the question can be on the November '94 ballot. Why she suddenly quit the adult film business and turned on her former profession is anyone's guess, but I wonder if her new boyfriend has anything to do with it. She started out in boy/girl XXX films and then moved on to doing girl/girl, bondage and other specialty videos. Some of her most recent videos are: SPANKED BY SANTA, DECK HIS BALLS WITH HOLLY, FORGIVE THEM KNOT PART ONE & TWO, DIARY OF A SUBMISSIVE SLUT and TRANSFORMED FOR PLEASURE. When asked why she quit doing boy/girl videos she replied, "it's just that bondage is more in tune with my preferences. I'm into S&M in my off-screen life." When asked why she got into bondage on and off camera she said, "I like the pain, but I don't like every pain, I like the pain that hurts and then turns into a real sensual pain, one that involves your whole body. But I'm selectively submissive. I used to say, 'I'll do anything.' I don't anymore." She also said that she did private S&M sessions for money. "I plan to do private (S&M) sessions for as long as I can. You can be a mistress when you're 90," she said. Now she's claiming to be a victim of the adult porn world. [ed.] Doesn't sound like she was a victim to me.

--Adult Video News

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