By: Randy Lee Payton

Dear Reader,

This first issue of SPUNK, Journal of the Free Expression League is being published as a supplement in the ROC, Voice of Rock Out Censorship, and (via the ROC's new national distribution) can be found at numerous magazine outlets throughout the U.S. Meanwhile, owners of bookstores, clubs and boutiques would like to receive SPUNK to distribute FREE to your clientele, please get in touch.

Additionally, SPUNK is being sent throughout the U.S. (and overseas) to: anti-censorship activists, artists, writers, musicians, performers and fans, idealists and humanists, Taoists, alternative lifestylers, civil libertarians, fanzine crews, sex-positive educators, therapists and counselors, adult industry workers and fans, authors and icons, erotic boutique cooperatives, workaholic community organizers, progressive lawyers, pro-am vid makers and XXX publishers, dancers, BBS carrousers and self-directed she-and-hedonists of all stripes...

The Free Expression League is planning upcoming educational forums and seminars and so seeks to communicate with individuals and groups into expanding their/our in-common, human potential and optimum sexual pleasure and happiness. Let us hear from you! And, as always, we're amped for working with citizens everywhere who can be counted on to JOIN IN MOBILIZING AGAINST the Religious Right ("One Nation Under God ...or else!") forces which would snuff our happy, self-actualizing activities like an ash if they had the chance (i.e., political power)... SPUNK: Where the new age let's it's hair down, gets down ...and FIGHTS BACK!

We hope the Free Expression League can act as a means through which to promote/stimulate a higher level of sex-positive expression within the media, the arts, community betterment organizations, the social work field, academia, that larger community called the "public" as well as (always first and foremost) within our individual lives.

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