By: John Woods

Those of you who've been long time readers of THE ROC know that we don't hesitate to call it as we see it. We shoot from the hip and mince no words about it. So, when it comes to talking about the future of this paper and R.O.C., there's no reason for us to attempt to sugarcoat or water down what must be said: WE NEED YOUR HELP, OR THE FUTURE OF THIS ORGANIZATION AND PUBLICATION WILL BE IN SERIOUS JEOPARDY!

Regardless of what the "New World" media is attempting to spoon-feed you, the censorship war is still raging on. More and more casualties are being tallied-up each day. Guess what folks? We're not winning! Despite putting up tremendous resistance and holding our own, we are taking some direct hits as we are being outflanked and out-gunned by enemies who are well organized and awesomely well financed. Enemies who can purchase full page ads in all of the nation's leading newspapers to spread their attacks on various forms of popular culture. Enemies like Don Wildmon's American Family Association and a host of other pro-censorship groups who can put out an appeal through their sophisticated computer networks and raise $50,000 by day's end. Enemies like Pat Robertson, who can do a phone-in fundraiser on his 700 Club, and pull in millions, of which most will be used towards the establishment of a Christian Police State. And let's not forget enemies like Bob Larson, who can rant and rave daily on his national syndicated radio show about Glen Benton, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Glen Danzig or any number of other metal/thrash/death bands, and then sit back as the cash pours in from his fanatical followers.

And here is R.O.C. who has gone nearly six months without putting out a new issue of THE ROC because we can't manage to raise the $500-$1000 needed to print, bulk mail and distribute each issue. Sure is kinda one-sided, don't you think?

Straight up folks, if this trend continues, we are going to be in some real trouble. We are at a stage where our subscriptions and memberships will NOT cover and carry the cost of THE ROC. So, it's time to cast aside all modesty and bashfulness, drop all stigmas of embarrassment about asking for money, and start telling it like it is. We must build, expand and tighten the network of chapters and representatives we have across the country. EVERYONE who reads THE ROC needs to not only join R.O.C. themselves, but get all their friends to join as well. We need more people distributing THE ROC in their areas and setting up R.O.C. Information/Merchandise booths at shows. We need more writers and contributors of material for THE ROC. We need a network of activists on constant stand by who react immediately when the censors appear. When they raise their ugly heads, R.O.C. will be there to put a boot in their face. It's not our style to politely debate, WE MUTILATE!

We need more musicians and bands to stop believing and expounding the uninformed and totally foolish notion that somehow censorship enhances one's career. GET A GRIP GUYS! Out here in the real world, far from the glitter of the stage and the backstage mayhem that illusion is quickly shattered by the reality that censorship in any degree enhances nothing, and hurts us all. Bands must begin to follow the examples set by bands such as Ministry, Rage Against The Machine, Fudge Tunnel and others who have absolutely no illusions about what censorship means. They need to start speaking out at their shows, in interviews and especially through the most powerful means at their disposal, their music itself. Get behind R.O.C. and help us through benefit shows and endorsements. R.O.C. is YOUR organization. Stand up for R.O.C. like Guns 'N' Roses did when certain maggots infesting the industry tried to stop us from having our booths on their tour. Some of these venue people are coming up with some elaborate schemes to make sure we are kept out. Only the bands taking a strong stand will stop this from happening. Public Interest Groups at concerts is a common occurrence as more and more bands openly and actively support various causes. Keep R.O.C. and the fight against censorship in mind when setting up your next tour. And lastly, DEMAND that the advertising department of YOUR record label helps the cause by buying ad space for your band in THE ROC. This alone would guarantee that the paper gets into the hands of the people who need it the most, YOUR FANS.

The enemies of freedom are mobilizing and on the march. They must be met head-on with organized resistance. That is the mission of R.O.C., but in order to mount an effective fight, we MUST have your help and support. JOIN R.O.C. TODAY! If you would like to make a cash contribution to R.O.C, please use the mail-in on the back cover page of this issue.


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