by: Elayn Morison

Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of choice, freedom to choose and practice your religion, freedom of expression, freedom to BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE (within certain reasonable limits, do unto others...) Why are the American people being attacked? Why are our natural rights being violated? Why is the public in general blind to these attacks? Let me relate to you an incident that recently prompted me to fury.

Now lets get this straight from the start. I am an entertainer, I work at The Dollhouse, and I've been dancing for the last three years. To anyone who asks, I'll jokingly tell them that my job is to be sexually harassed.

It's not far from the truth, but the money is for schooling. I'm not sucking from the government (I pay my taxes), and I work in a upscale environment. Men come in to have a beer, relax, watch and maybe even talk to a beautiful girl. Nothing wrong with that, eh? We all obey the laws, no soliciting, and any girl caught doing that is immediately fired (that has never happened in all of my three years). The men relieve their tension from a days work, fantasize a little, and then leave. Who's using who? Am I degrading myself? Do these men think less of me? No! They applaud my courage, know why I do what I do, and 99% would do it themselves if they could.

On May 18, 1993, at the Dollhouse in Raleigh NC, we were picketed. A group called Citizens Against Pornography stood all along our street and harassed our customers. Freedom of speech, it's their right, but I found it absolutely hilarious what they were trying to make others believe. 1) Adult clubs promote Date Rape: Where are your facts to back that up? I've never heard of any study done. The solution: Educate Young women in high school about date rape. Raise a self awareness of how vulnerable you are with someone you don't really know. Promote self confidence esteem in women--if they believe that they can do better than that creep down the street they will. 2) Adult clubs degrade women. Who made who? Am I the "sucker" for dancing for you? Or are you the "sucker" for giving $10 for every 3-1/2 minute song I dance? Think about it. I've seen "slutier" girls at night clubs, drunk, belligerent, and promiscuous as hell. Solution: Get a clue, I've never seen one of those protesters in my club, Iet them walk in my shoes a mile and see what they say then. 3) Adult clubs lead to domestic violence. Direct quote, "Say What?" That's almost too ridiculous to respond to, but you know me, I will. Solution: Look to his family, his situation growing up, and his general environment. That my dears, is the root of all evil. Spending a night in an adult club will not cause domestic violence. I'd like to see the hat they pulled that one from!

There were a few more comments, but they are all variations of those same three themes. I would like to end this little tirade on one last note, a thought perhaps, that anyone who is pro-censorship of anything should take to heart. Imagine this, censor, we telling you what to do: You must only watch MTV, violent movies, and pornos. You must only read erotic novels, or you must only read thought-provoking, revolutionary avante-garde material. You will work on Sunday and worship only the God I say: The Almighty Doink the Clown (WWF for the uninformed). You must never cover your breast or butts, you must always wear a T-Back when on the beach, and you must sell at least one hot dog on the corner for every day you wear your T-Back (Hello Florida!) The only places you can go to are exotic dance bars, casinos, and to the races. You must think liberally, be pro-choice, anti-racist, you must have at least one tattoo, own at least one Slayer t-shirt, and go to a rap and/or heavy metal show once a week. Have green hair, wear mini skirts or muscle shirts, drive loud, fast cars; and always carry your copy of THE ROC with you at all times to save the poor misguided masses.

Elayn E. Morison
Raleigh, NC
Biblebelt, USA

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