by: Vince Rounds

What causes someone to kill? Money? Sex? Revenge? Hate? Ask anyone an the street and they will tell you the reasons I just gave you. On May 18, 1993 the quiet calm of Kingwood, a suburb of Houston, was shattered by gunshots. When the smoke cleared, a 15 year old eighth grader would be charged with killing his own mother. What makes this story so unbelievable, is the reason why he did it: Satan told him to do it.

Yes, you read it right, the Devil made him do it. It was revealed that Andrew Merritt was listening to a Megadeth song "Go To Hell" when he claims, "the message was from the Devil as he rode a red fireball out of a blackhole enveloping me in black smoke." The boy's attorney would later state that, "Heavy Metal music was to blame for the boy's actions." We all know that music has never made anybody kill anyone, so what made him do it? I think the answer lies in his family life.

Friends of Andrew have stated Arlette Merritt, his mother, was a religious nut of sorts. They told how she would call Andrew ugly and dumb and tell him the devil was in him. Also told how she burned all of his heavy metal tapes and CD's, and tore up his t-shirts with skulls or metal bands on them. For punishment, Andrew was forced to listen to Christian music played at high volume.

If this was the core of his troubles, I fail to see where the music, metal that is, was responsible. In my eyes the real reason for the crime was not the music, nor was the devil. Maybe the stress of his home life was to blame.

One last note to this tale, police made another arrest in connection to this crime. A school mate of Andrew's was arrested for helping to plot this murder. Police found a handwritten "hit list" in the boy's room.

There may never be a logical reason for the boy's actions, but I can say this, you can bet that the PMRC and other pro-censorship groups will jump on this case. In short, this boy and his attorney have stirred up a shit storm, and it's a brewing. My warning to all out there in the censorship war, dig in, load up, and brace yourself for one hell of a storm. I hope you know, this is only the start. I'll keep you up to date as more information comes out.

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