WHAT ARE THEY DOING? A look at the censorship groups

By: Matt Paradise

In the previous installment of this column, I reported on some of the most predominant groups of the Pro-Censorship movement. With this edition, I'd like to further update on the groups and individuals leading the way for a more boring and sedated America.

Focus On The Family, in their May '93 newsletter, took a "trip" back to the year 1968, the year of this group's inception. Not especially harmful to anyone but the naive; everyone from dead, drugged-out rock stars to radical feminist to that year's upsurge of political protesters are the cause of our civilization's current decline. They also took the predictable stab at Satanism and Metaphysics to stir yet more hysteria of "They're coming to get you" among their own kind. I suppose the propaganda keeps them attentive financial contributors.

Focus On The Family Radio, usually broadcast over one of your local Christian radio stations promises a so-called "look" at Satanism, New Age, and Humanism" by an interview with a like-minded author on June 28th and 29th. This could prove either interesting or the nauseating but, nevertheless, these programs are yet another outlet for possible censorship news to keep an eye (or, rather, and ear) on.

The American Family Association (AFA) seems to circulate a new gripe/petition almost every month. The latest one is against the "Donahue" show because Phil Donahue stated that he would be "pleased to have a live execution on his show...Let's see future bad guys watch these people fry right here on TV (from March 8th episode.)" I hope it happens! TV is too synthetic and boring as it is and it could use such a swift kick in the rear.

AFA recently distributed 35,000 copies of their video, "The Gay Agenda" to officials and leaders across the U.S., including state Senators and Representatives. Judging from the AFA's well-expressed condemnation of homosexuals, the possibility of this "documentary" video's message being slanted and bias is a relevant one. A number of top military personnel also possess copies of this video, just in time for the debate on Gays in the military.

Oh, but let's not forget our "friends" in Washington, D.C.! President Clinton's idea of crime control involves everything from banning guns from law-abiding citizens (Is someone fearing an assassination?) to cutting $331 million from the new Prison Building Funds. Mrs. Clinton stated before the press that she would support an investigation of the entertainment industry (and I'm certain that motives later), VP Gore openly admits a bias by his support and commitment to "furthering the goals" of Pro-Life. And with Tipper Gore (remember, she's our second 'lady') now appointed as National Health Advisor, more of these religious right groups will appear credible in the eyes of consumer-happy America as moral Boy Scouts, while Free Speech becomes a Gold Card purchase.

Those of you who are familiar with my articles are well versed on my affinity for quotes. Whether they come across as cliche or thought-provoking is your choice. I would like to leave you with one from Dee Snider (ex-Twisted Sister vocalist), one said before the whole PMRC fiasco. The quote is simply, "What you don't know sure can hurt you!" and words like that are all too relevant to the fight that this publication represents. STAY INFORMED--AVOID THE NORM.

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