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I have to thank John Woods for allowing me into the pages of THE ROC, I hope to bring you a wide range of music news from the well-known to the underground, as well as interesting and worthwhile tid-bits. This column runs in JAM RAG, where I am on the editorial staff. Write in with suggestions, news items and criticisms. Tom Tearaway, POB 1285, Royal Oak, MI 48068...


A concert was scheduled to take place at Sandusky OH, Erie County Fair Grounds on June 12. The event was axed by the board members after they got wind of a flyer describing the show as "completely fucking sick." Fair Board VP Bill "Carny King" Dwelle elaborated, "I can envision this thing as one of those 'kill your mom, kill your dad, kill the cops' kind of thing. CK may find a future in writing punk rock hits if the bottom falls out of cow conventions. The bands scheduled to perform were: ELICIT AVERSION, DESCENDENT, HUMAN REMAINS, GUTTED and DISGUST. Bryan Autullo, guitarist for DISGUST, summed up the whole horrid affair, "I figure that the people who put a stop to this show were big Presley fans, tried to ban him from the airwaves at first, too,"


Toilet-rocker G.G. ALLIN has seemingly lost his self-appointed struggle with the underground and died. As I write, conflicting reports are pouring in, but there is enough to them to make me believe he really is dead, whether by cocaine overdose or, slain by a riotous mob. Prior to his death, arrangements were made with Toledo promoter and music journalist (Jam Rag, Thrasher), John Stain to write his official biography. I have been enlisted by long time John to co-author the work. Write in if you would like to be interviewed for any connection with his life.


Pete Lee, GWAR axe was shot in the chest and stomach following a traffic accident in D.C. recently. Lee, a.k.a. Flattus Maximus was on his way home from a recording session in Baltimore where GWAR was finishing its new album when he was shot by two assailants who remain at large. This all happened a few weeks ago and will not hinder the brand new album and movie this fall titled SKULLHEAD FACE. The flick will also feature JELLO BIAFRA and Skid Row's SEBASTIAN BACH as guests.

SKREW and CHEMLAB will be teaming with Alternative Press Magazine this summer to present the "Industrialized Nation Tour."

PARADISE LOST will make their U.S. live debut in July when they begin a U.S. tour with MORBID ANGEL and KREATOR. They're supporting a full length album "Shades of God" and the E. P. "As I Die.'

ATHEIST is about to return with a new album "Elements," that continues to explore the outer limits of progressive metal, fusing death roots with jazz overtones. Expect an August or September release.


The National Lawyer Guild's Committee on Democratic Communication has been contacted by a diverse group of microwatt radio practitioners who have been. fined by the FCC for their broadcast, one such practitioner, Napoleon Williams began broadcasting over his one watt LIBERATION RADIO in Decatur IL, in August 1990. Content was focused on local issues of the African-American community. Although he was never charged with conspiracy, a supposed plot to of his to kill police officers was the excuse of a heavily armed raid on his home in October 1990. Since the raid, FCC and local authorities have been on Williams constantly. Three years of harassment now find him behind bars for three years for supposedly assaulting a sheriff.

Andres Yoder has been involved in shortwave for over a decade. He has written a book and articles on the subject. Yoder has been fined by the FCC $17,500 for operating a shortwave station out of Blue Ridge Summit, PA. After Yoder refused to allow a FCC agent into his home, he found himself victimized by a COINTELPRO style disinformation campaign. Area media sources have received press releases indicating his signals will interfere with emergency broadcast. Serious micro-radio practitioners select their frequencies carefully to avoid channels in use, especially emergency ones. Even pirates want to know when tornadoes or bombs are on the way.

William Dougan of Phoenix found himself under attack for a 2.5 watt station in his back yard tool shed broadcasting over a very selected band. Dougan decided to "Fight City Hall" and is now financially destitute. The microwatt revolution is not the theft of airwaves in use, but the paradigm that there is room and need for community radio, don't be misled by disinformation.


Earthfest will be in 2nd annual form on August 14th from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. 14 bands will be featured in the mini bandshell with acoustic performances, poetry and activist commentary on a second stage. As well, 100 activist booths will be providing information from AIDS awareness to animal rights to sexuality issues. An art rock poster expo will also be on hand, along with a giant art gallery. Many vendors, offering environmental products, books and more will be in attendance. This year, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food will be offered. Tickets will be $7 at the gate, or only $5 in advance through Ticketmaster or by sending a SASE to: POB 342, Royal Oak, MI 48068. Finally, call 313-746-3399 for more info, including the summer long benefit series.

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