By: Mark Mahaffey

So, we happened to catch the PLASTIC MAN and G.G. ALLIN show at the Penguin Pub in Youngstown OH. What a wild experience, cops in the streets, fights, metal detectors and a ton of security in the bar, all to the background of some chaotic drunken melee.

PLASTIC MAN were jamming "I Need A Drink," as we entered, lead singer Cheez was in rare form sporting a new tattoo and singing such swinging tunes as "Sex Life of a Drunk," "Punker Than You," and the infamous "Eggs-Meat-Death-Defeat." They also played a rousing cover of The Cars "Just What I Needed," that has to be seen to believed. These guys played good, old fashion hardcore, reminiscent of early Black Flag or Circle Jerks. See them if you get the chance. After the set ended I bought a PLASTIC MAN demo which can be ordered from guitarist Ken Pickelsimer for $3.00 at P.O. Box 339, New Waterford OH 44445. The sound quality isn't the greatest, but the songs are way cool. You'll also get some cool mail from Ken. Remember, PLASTIC MAN IS PUNKER THAN YOU!

After a couple of fights in the audience, and a few more beers the break was over and G.G. Allin's band took the stage. GG stepped up to the mike aggressively wearing only black underwear and boots. His first act was to gouge his body with a piece of metal and kick a camera out of someone's hand. As he stood on stage bleeding, I remember thinking shit! This is professional wrestling--FOR REAL! After the 35m cane flying back to hit G.G. squarely in the stomach, he offered a universal challenge to us all a-la Cyrano Debergerac, and whipped his mike stand into the audience. Then the music started, it was some jammin hardcore. G.G. was going nuts singing while kicking punks who got too close and jumping into the crowd to start.fights, of course anyone who hit him back was immediately escorted out by the "paid goons" roaming the audience. The band kept up the hard and steady drone as G.G. made his way across the room to jump on the bar and kick some more people in the face. This guy was intense! G.G. made his way back to the stage amongst a barrage of punches and belted out a few more songs, after fighting a few more people, and making his way back to the bar again, his band smashed PLASTIC MAN'S equipment and abruptly left the stage. Then some young punks started lighting smoke bombs and we were all kicked out of the club.

Out in the street there were more drunken fights and confusion, cops and even a "dog-cop," (talk about an atrocity, this is supposed to be man's best friend!). After staying for a while to check things out, they told us to either leave the area or be arrested. We chose to leave. Since it was still early, we decided to go back to my house and drink a few beers, listen to some music and talk about our night.

Although it may be difficult to explain if you've never experienced it, we had a lot of fun that night. I think the audience can relate to Mr. Allin in the same way we can empathize with Malcolm McDowell's character in "A Clockwork Orange." This was a violent, psychotic individual relating to an unjust and corrupt society, fucking shit up, yea, PUNK!

Seeing G.G. Allin live was an adrenalin rush that I don't want to forget soon, I thought it was a pretty cool experience, but then again, I didn't get kicked in the face.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Mark Mahaffey is R.O.C.'s representative in Youngstown. He and Tim may have been among the last people to see G.G. Allin perform. He was found dead just recently, apparently from a drug overdose. The wild-man of punk is dead, Long Live Punk!)

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