Bushwick Bill of the Houston-based rap group The Geto Boys is calling for the resignation of New York City's mayor, David Dinkins. Dinkins has announced support for Rev. Calvin Butts' crusade against rap music. Rev. Calvin Butts, who has been preaching against rap music, and who has announced that he will pile up CD's, music videos and cassettes produced by rap artists and run over them with a truck, is pastor of Harlem's Abyssinian Baptist Church, Bushwick says Dinkins should resign as soon as possible, and that Dinkins' mentality is a disgrace to the city of New York.

Says Bushwick, "Dinkins is allowing and encouraging the reverend to cut the umbilical cord to what people have to say, and he is turning a deaf ear to what the issues are that rappers are bringing out in these songs. To be in office, you are supposed to be by the people. He should not be in government. Plus, it is obvious that Dinkins' concerns are trivial."

Bushwick adds, "Dinkins' public support for this kind of anti-rap campaign, destroying freedom of speech, is like someone else agreeing with someone that when a person tries to kill Mayor Koch or President Reagan, it should be blamed on Jody Foster for 'being in a movie, and that it's her fault."

"What Dinkins supports, this running over rap records with a truck," says Bushwick, "is like kicking a hole in the wall, when the wall didn't do anything to me. But he is destroying the structure, then someone else has to build it back up. In other words, when someone destroys the structure of freedom of speech, someone else will have to build it back up, so that we can voice an opinion and keep faith in the Constitution which embraces freedom of speech."

Bushwick contends that freedom of speech "should not be limited to reverends and politicians."

Bushwick notes, "I want to thank these people. Mayor Dinkins and Reverend Butts, for running over our tapes with a truck, because it shows the hypocrisy of their own violence, which is destroying my records."


Scarface, also a member of the platinum-selling rap group The Geto Boys, has been named by Rev. Butts as a direct target of his anti-rap crusade, claiming that he does not like the artwork that Scarface has chosen for his records. Scarface says the reverend is just trying to make a name for himself, as well as extra money by attacking rappers.

Says Scarface, "Were Butts' tithes on Easter Sunday so low that he has to take it out on me, and attack me? Is he just doing this to make a name for himself? What is his profit? I want to know what he will buy for himself with these donations he gets from bashing me. He shouldn't have a problem with me or my records. I'm just rapping about reality."

Scarface adds, "What is violence? Killing Malcolm X, killing Martin Luther King, and war is violence. Rev. Butts just wants to steamroll the First Amendment over, and he's just trying to come up on poor people."


The Geto Boys recently released their newest album, titled Till Death Do Us Part, which entered the Billboard R&B album chart at #1 the week of its release, and it debuted at #11 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart.

Less than a month after the album's release, it went gold, selling over half a million copies.

The Geto Boys' current single, "Six Feet Deep, is a strong anti-violence single and its accompanying music video is currently airing on B.E.T., MTV, The Box and other video outlets.


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