10. The editor of Rock & Rap Confidential (RRC) is Playboy columnist Dave Marsh. Tipper Gore refuses to debate Marsh on TV, yet Stephen King, Amy Tan, and Matt Groening play in a band with him.

9. As a monthly eight-page newsletter, RRC's deadline is just one week before publication. Most music monthlies have a deadline two to three months before publication, so they're already stale when they come out.

8. RRC carried the first accounts of the pivotal role of rnusicians in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

7. RRC promotes every style of music, from metal to country to rap and everything in between.

6. RRC was the first voice against music censorship, immediately following the PTA's call for record labeling in 1984.

5. RRC has been publicly attacked by 7-Up president John Albers, Billboard, and the PMRC.

4. RRC writes with authority about everything from the Music Alliance to the LA gang truce to the musical battle against the neo-Nazis in Europe because our staff is personally involved with them all.

3. RRC's staff includes Ben Eicher, founder of the Rock & Roll Bar Association, and James Bernard, senior editor of The Source.

2. RRC is a great source of information about pirate radio. Contributing editor Black Rose is the founder of the Zoom Black Magic unlicensed radio network.

1. RRC is dirt cheap. $3 for 3 issues, $15 for one year. Just write for a free sample. Rock & Rap Confidential, Dept. ROC Box 341305, Los Angeles CA 90034.

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