By: Kirby Stokes

"Just One Fix"
(Sire/Warner Bros.)

This is a 3 track EP that features an extended version of the title track with spoken word inserts from visionary beat writer William S. Burroughs, who at 70 is still questioning authority and kicking ass! If you're not familiar with his works, it's time you learned, along with Jack Kerourac and Allen Ginsberg who are such a huge influence on the rap and cyberpunk genre's. It also features some trippy programming courtesy of Howie Beno and of course, Hypo Luxa, Hermes Pan and the rest of the congregation. High grade intensity for sure.

"Ska-Core The Devil and More"

This Boston-based 8 piece have put out a veritable smorgasbord of musical taste covering everything from hardcore punk to reggae. The hardcore offerings are from Minor Threat, Angry Samoans and SS Decontrol. Their cover of SSD's "Police Beat" stands out the most to me. Great tune! The reggae numbers include Bob Marley's "Simmer Down" sung in a voice similar to Louis Armstrong. A good album, but thing again guys when you want to cover a Samoans tune, it comes across to me like a cheesy Anthrax cover.

"Cereal Killer"
(Zoo Entertainment)

I don't like this flavor, gimme some other Jello, namely Biafra. Next!


A recent issue of Rolling Stone featured an interview with Metallica's James Hetfield. (spokesman for a generation? Hah!) It's one of the most horrible things I've ever read. In it he speaks about how Body Count's "Cop Killer" comes across like "let's go kill whitey." Have you listened to "Out in the Parking Lot," Jimmy boy? He goes on to say that all rap music is "me, me, me, talking about themselves all the time." Jeesh! Now it makes perfect sense why Metallica denies R.O.C. permission to set up our booths at their shows, and further explains why Lars Ulrich thinks album warning labels are "a good idea." FUCK 'EM ALL!


Jeff Ward who played drums for Lard and N.I.N. died April 2, 1993. Jeff was an excellent drummer who will be sadly missed.

"Independent Worm Saloon"

Easily my favorite album of '93, so far. Tracks that standout are "Who Was In My Room Last Night?" "Chewin George Lucas Chocolate," "Dog Inside Your Body," "Strawberry," and "Some Dispute Over T-Shirt Sales." Fuck it, the whole damn thing is excellent, Get it! Produced by John Paul Jones.

"Till Death Do Us Part"

Houston's finest returns with a masterpiece filled with justified anger. Bushwick, Scarface and Big Mike have reached a new level with this one, "Crooked Officer," "Murder Avenue," (with guest vox from Easy "Motherfuckin" E.) "Raise Up," "Cereal Killer," (not to be confused with that cheesy Green Jello) "This 's For You," but my favorites are "Street Life" and "Bring It On." No matter how people like Tipper, Donnie Wildmon, and Bob "Amway" Larson try to force their morality onto others it will not work because jams like these point out how their whole damn system is invalid.

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