By: Mike Heck

The third annual LOLLAPALOOZA tour, which will be traveling across the U.S. this summer will feature Alice in Chains in the headline spot followed by post headliners Primus. At press time the tour is scheduled to run from June 18 thru August 10. The running order begins with openers Rage Against The Machine, followed by Babes In Toyland (June 18-July 4 only), Front 242, Arrested Development, Fishbone, Dinosaur Jr., Primus and Alice In Chains. As with last year, bands will also be appearing on a second stage. At each tour stop, local bands and artists will perform on the second stage along with two of the following eight co-headliners: A Lighter Shade of Brown, Cell, Mercury Rev, Mosquito, Mutabaruka, Sebadoh, Tsunami, and Unrest. Tool will also appear on the second stage for the first half of the tour, then will replace Babes In Toyland on the main stage for the remainder of the tour.

Nirvana are in the studio writing and recording their new LP with Steve (Big Black) Albini producing.

The Revolting Cocks are currently recording their new "throbbing" LP set for a late July-August release date. Regular "Rev's" include: Al Jourgensen, Paul Barker, Bill Reiflin and Chris Connelly. This new version of Revolting Cocks will include: Trent Reznor, Lou Suitek (Mindfunk) and a few surprises: "Revolting Cunts." The "Cockettes" include: Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson from Lush and Silverfish's Lesley Rankine. The biggest surprise is,the inclusion of acid guru Timothy "Turn-On" Leary. For just one taste of the new Revolting Cocks, their first single (which was recorded during Ministry's "Psalm 69" sessions), "CRACKIN' UP" will be in the film The Crow due out sometime this summer.

The "WHAT A DRAG DEPT." is sad to report that drummer Jeff Ward committed suicide in late March after a long battle with heroin addiction. Jeff was drummer for Lard, N.I.N., Ministry, Revolting Cocks, and Low Pop Suicide, and was an excellent drummer at that. Here's to the memory of Jeff Ward, a nice person and a great drummer, who will be deeply missed.

Iggy Pop is currently holed up in a studio in N.Y.C. recording his new LP. The working title for the new album is "Wild America," and is set for a September release.

After coming off a successful tour with hard-core legends Fear, Austin's Skatenigs are reportedly leaving Megaforce Records. The "Skater's" were recently preparing a video for the remixed version of their classic song "Chemical Imbalance." Megaforce seemed to be doing a much better job of promoting the band than their former label, Wax Trax, which seems odd to report their departure.

And speaking of Fear, the band has once again broke up. It's rumored that racist stances in the band (namely, Lee Ving's) split the group up. Strangely, Fear were negotiating a new record deal with a few 'major' labels but instead, the Lee Ving Band has formed and can be seen in the Austin, Texas area.

The Ramones: Joey, Marky, Johnny and CJ are being immortalized as animated characters on the world-wide syndicated TV show THE SIMPSONS. Each band member has an individual line to say, and the band will be singing a very Ramones-styled version of the classic "Happy Birthday." The program is slated to air for the new fall season. Also, the first biography of the band has been written by journalist Jim Bessman, and will hit the streets June 10. THE RAMONES: AN AMERICAN BAND is Published by St. Martin's Press and is jammed-packed with facts and photos.

Even though the music for the new Lard LP has been in the can for some time, lead Lard main-brain, Jello Biafra is finishing up lyrics for the next "slab." While waiting for fellow Lard's, Al, Paul, and Bill to finish the recording and touring for the next Revolting Cocks platter, Jello is considering working on a "roots-rock" album with none other than Mojo Nixon...and while your waiting, the Dead Kennedys classic 1st LP, "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables," is finally available as a domestic release again. This time on CD, tape and LP with remastering by Jello and Bernie Grundman.

Helmet have replaced guitarist Peter Mengede (who recently departed from the group) with Rob Echeverria, a former UPS employee. Look for the Helmet, Jesus Lizard and Therapy? tour to hit your town soon. Great line-up!

TAD have recently inked a deal with Mechanic/RCA and are working on a new LP with none other than J. Mascis of Dinosaur, Jr. producing. The LP will be entitled "Goiter" and is set for a late May, early June release.

Also on Mechanic comes the reissue of last year's debut from Murder Inc. It's reported that head "murderer" Martin Atkins was displeased with original producer Steve Albini's work for the product, so new "thugs," J. G. Thirwell from Foetus, Page Hamilton from Helmet, Paul Barker from Ministry, and Justin Broderick of Godflesh have been hired to remix the LP, due to hit you in May.

Expect a new studio/live EP from Danzig, entitled "Thrall-Demonsweatlive." Their first ever EP, produced by Glenn Danzig and Def American owner Rick Rubin, the "Thrall" side features 3 new studio tracks: "It's Coming Down," "The Violent Fire," and a cover version of the Elvis classic "Trouble." The "Demonsweatlive" side contains 4 tracks recorded live last Halloween at Irvine Meadows in Orange County California. The tracks are: "Snakes of Christ," "Am I Demon," "Sistines," and "Mother." This is the first live recordings of Danzig commercially available and will be released on May 11.

Also on Def American, check out the debut album from Supreme Love Gods, who are currently out on tour with Meatbeat Manifesto and 808-State.

Hard-core pioneers Bad Brains are back and have recently inked a deal with Sony/Epic and should crush your brains with a new LP soon. More good news, the "Brains" are currently out on tour with Living Colour. A great bill, don't miss it!

Roadrunner artists, Biohazard who are till on tour in support of their crushing "Urban Discipline" LP are filming a new video at the Academy in N.Y.C. for the song "Shades of Grey." Look for it on Public Television in the coming months.

And finally, the bad boys from Boston, Aerosmith, are stirring up some controversy with their new LP, "Get a Grip" and their video "Living On The Edge." A Boston newspaper reported that various groups are upset with the cover art on the album which depicts a cow with an earring pierced through its utter. It is reported that W.H. Smith and Woolworth chains in England have refused to stock the album, and the video has been banned in Hong Kong. One (unnamed) American chain has also refused to carry the LP, while others are placing price stickers over the cow. MTV has reportedly received calls from Traffic Safety Groups complaining that Joe Perry is corrupting the safety morals of American youth by jumping out of the path of an oncoming train just in the nick of time. Other complaints have been made about a nude Steven Tyler in the video with only his hand covering his crotch. Don't miss the "Bad Boys" who will be out on tour soon, and all these stupid people making these complaints, should not only Get A Grip, they should also get a fucking life as well.

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