1) R.O.C. opposes censorship in any form. WE DECLARE WAR on the likes of the PMRC, all the right-wing religious zealots, vote grubbing politicians, all traitors, sell-outs, and hypocrites within the music industry, and anyone else who attempts to impose their views, beliefs, moral standards or value codes upon us without any regard for our rights.

2) R.O.C. calls for organized fighting back using any and all means necessary to smash the pro-censorship forces.

3) R.O.C. will establish a network of groups and chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada that will wage an unrelenting war against the censors.

4) R.O.C. will publish and distribute a national publication that will link the network, provide news and information, and serve as an organizing and educational tool. This publication shall be known as THE ROC.

5) R.O.C. will help build and participate in coalitions with other groups whose programs, aims and views are aligned with R.O.C.'s.

6) R.O.C. will organize and sponsor concerts, benefits, debates, information booths, and other public forums in order to finance the war, and to popularize our programs for fighting censorship.

7) Nowhere in this program will you find the word compromise. R.O.C. does not believe that our rights of Free Speech and Free Artistic Expression are negotiable in any way. The current attacks upon our freedoms will not be cried away, wished away, prayed away, and certainly not voted away. Radical problems require more radical solutions. R.O.C. will always strive to be the militant voice of music fans in the anti-censorship movement with our call for unified and mass action. The groups and individuals attacking our music must be met head on, drove back, and smashed by an Army of Rock, Rap, Punk, Metal, Thrash, Death, and Grindcore fans and bands along with others. The recruitment of battle-ready troops for this Army is R.O.C.'s main objective. JOIN THE R.O.C. ARMY! WE WILL TAKE OUR MUSIC BACK!

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