WHAT ARE THEY DOING - A Look At The Censorship Groups

By: Matt Paradise

I can't exactly remember the source, but someone once said to "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Nothing could be closer to the truth. So, while delving into my pro-censorship mail one day, I came upon some passworthy information that I felt the readers of THE ROC might benefit from. I have yet to receive any material from the PMRC...it makes me think I'm already on some list of "subversives." Although the following are merely a microcosm of a much larger picture, some may find it quite educational:

The American Family Association (AFA) are currently circulating an ad/petition to their members and mailing list individuals. The ad, which is suggested to be introduced to your local newspaper, states that the cause of "sex, violence, filth, and profanity" is the fault of moviemakers, musicians, writers, etc. that choose to relay these subjects and that they "can be controlled" (through the compilation of petitions, which will be sent to the heads of the entertainment industry by AFA). Recipients of AFA mail are also urged to include a contribution (why don't they just say "money?") so AFA can run more of their "We Are Outraged" ads.

AFA also distributes a "news" publication: The AFA Journal. Boycotting seems to be the main focus of this monthly magazine, particularly emphasizing companies that sell products AFA deems morally harmful and TV shows that express viewpoints the AFA doesn't approve of. AFA's gripes concerning TV shows include: "pro-homosexual themes, using the Christian god's name in vain, adultery, teen sex, and the portrayal of unwed couples cohabitating. At the end of each "review" is a list of sponsors, their chairpersons, and contact information is included. Judging from the extensive number of corporations, I'm still wondering who isn't on their boycott list.

AFA's top priority companies to boycott are K Mart (because they own Waldenbooks, a company that AFA claims is "the largest distributor of pornography") Holiday Inns (because they offer to adults in-room porn movies), Levi Strauss (because this company pulled their financial support from the Boy Scouts of America due to BSA's policy of forbidding homosexuals and atheists from becoming scout-masters), and Wells Fargo (for the same reason as Levi Strauss). The February issue of Men's Health magazine recently reported that K-Mart, as well as Wal-Mart and Walgreen's, refused to carry Magic Johnson's book, "What You Can Do to Avoid AIDS."

I would, however, like to thank Don Wildmon and the AFA for including a thorough and complete directory of U.S. Government officials in their February 1993 issue of the AFA Journal. My previous list was becoming outdated.

Summit Ministries, a group with ties to Focus On The Family, also send out a publication similarly called, "Journal." (Lack of originality?) Journal is a monthly collection of quotes from historical figures, celebrities, newspaper articles, and politicians that support (?) the idea of "one nation under God...or else!" The redundant implication is that there isn't any room in this "Christian nation" for those (myself included) who don't subscribe to Christian morals and values. The usual condemnations are expressed: homosexuals, minorities, and non-Christians, to name a few. This publication, although worth some valuable knowledge regarding who the Christian supremacists are, is merely the masturbatory product of ignorant ideals.

Truth About Rock, a Christian merchandising group, sells videotapes, cassettes, books, and other products claiming certain rock groups to be pushing drugs, suicide, murder, Satanism (their definition of such) and "X-rated" values on the youth of today. I found the cassette entitled, "Stryper: Whose Side Are They On?" particularly amusing.

The good news is Truth About Rock seems to be going under. According to Steve & Julie Peters, heads of Truth About Rock, seminar offerings are down 50%, only one church responded to their plea for cash in 1992, and the bills are piling up. My favorite quote from Mr. Peters 1992 memo: "An infection devastated my voice a year ago...I know it's Satan." (It should be noted that Peters and his brother are the ones who went around the country conducting record burnings.)

Truth About Rock isn't the only censorship-mentality support group that seems to be suffering. My request for information from Missouri's Project Rock and Back In Control Training Center came back stamped "Return To Sender." Do they even exist anymore? Most likely not.

It's called progress, my friends. America is waking up and slowly throwing out the worn out, oppressive garbage that a few once thought necessary. Keep fighting and consider tapping into the Pro-Censorship network as a fly on the wall. Some of it is frighteningly thought-provoking.

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