BEHIND ENEMY LINES - ROC Infiltrates the Christian Coalition

The ROC Army is on the move. One of its soldiers has gone behind enemy lines and infiltrated one of the most dangerous right-wing fanatical groups in America today, the Christian Coalition. The following story is a true account, and if this doesn't scare the hell out of you then you're probably dead. THE ROC member (me) who joined this fun group wishes to remain anonymous so he can stay undercover. Being as John Woods sends THE ROC out even to the enemy they may actually read this story and figure out what's going on.

The Christian Coalition is invading Pennsylvania with all it's resources. Christian Coalition leader Ayatollah Pat Robertson says that he's going to make Pennsylvania a model for the rest of the country. What's this madman up to and why did he pick Pennsylvania out of all the other states? The answer is "Outcome Based Education." This new concept of educating public school children is public enemy #1 in Pat's book. He doesn't like it and believes you shouldn't either. He's pulled out all stops to defeat this menace. He claims that kids will be recruited into homosexuals, that the government will have personal files on every child in the school system, that schools will teach values that go against good Christian parents, school taxes will skyrocket and last but not least he claims (this is no joke!) the schools will teach kids 5 ways to masturbate.

What Pat has planned for Pennsylvania and America is to organize every county in the country and he will control each and every one of them via satellite from his H.Q. in Virginia. Pennsylvania has 67 counties and so far he has Christian Coalition centers in 55 of them. Recently, the county I live in (it shall remain nameless) was targeted to become a Christian Coalition chapter. A local church decided to be the organizer and secretly sent out invitations to select people in the county. Only church leaders and a few zealots were allowed into this meeting. You may be asking yourself how did I get in with all this precaution. It seems they got some of the names for their invitation list from the national headquarters which my, name appeared since I was on the Christian Coalition mailing list. I used an alias which happens to start with Reverend, so they thought I was someone they needed.

I received my invitation a few days before the meeting and decided to go and see what these fascists were up to. Upon entering the church I was asked to sign my name, address, phone number and voting precinct. I was then given a name tag to put on my shirt so everyone would know who I was and what church I was representing. I then entered the room and mingled with people I detested. People were looking at me and probably asking themselves, "Who the hell is this guy?" I grabbed a copy of CHRISTIAN AMERICA (sounds like a superhero cartoon character), which is a publication of the Christian Coalition, and took a seat close to the door just in case I had to make a break for it. Once the meeting started a man stepped up to the podium who was the spitting image of Alice the Goon and introduced himself as the chairperson of the new county chapter of the Christian Coalition. He didn't say much of anything important and turned the meeting to the guest of honor, Rick Schenker, who is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Christian Coalition, and was also on Pat Robertson's campaign staff when he ran for President in 1988. He told a few jokes and then he started to map out for all those in attendance just what the Christian Coalition has planned for Pennsylvania. This is where things started to get a little scary. I will try to outline as best I can what the Christian Coalition has planned for you and me.

Every chapter in the state will have a satellite dish so each one will have access to a broadcast that will emanate from Christian Coalition H.Q. The broadcast will consist of 2 issues of importance (like denying gays their rights, abortion, outcome-based education, prayer in schools, etc.) each month. It will show gay people marching in gay pride parades, gay people kissing, actual abortion or abortion protest, children gathered around school flag poles praying and the list goes on and on. This is meant to get the viewers emotionally charged and then comes the real reason this is done on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the exact same time across the state. Each member is to call their representatives the very next morning and give them 'a wake up call.' The leaders of the Christian Coalition believe that if each member does this Wednesday morning (and they are told that God will be watching them to make sure that they do) in every county throughout the state, then it will scare the hell out of our Congressmen and make them vote the way the Christian Coalition wants them to. If enough people call from each county then these Congressmen will realize that the Christian Coalition has a powerful network in the state and since each Congressman's #1 concern is to get reelected then he will listen to what the Christian Coalition tells them. They plan on doing this each month.

If the story ended here then this all would be terrifying enough, but it gets worse. The Christian Coalition also has a school which has the sole purpose of training potential candidates for different positions in government, like Senator, Representative, State Legislature, School Board, etc., and will train them on all the how's, why's and what to do once elected. They are to campaign through the local churches and avoid the media.

The Christian Coalition publishes flyers so each church in the county can insert them into the church bulletins each week, so church members who are not members can be influenced on the issues important to the Christian Coalition. They are written so not to jeopardize the church's tax-exempt status.

Each Christian Coalition chapter will also conduct voter's registration drives and they are to target "like minded Christians" to register to vote. They are to strive to get 100% Christian registration. Most of this will be done in the churches with voter registration cards right in the pews. Each chapter is to set up a Voter's ID committee and they are to identify voters in the community who share pro-family values for the purpose of grassroots lobbying. They are to get contacts in every church in the county to serve as conduits of nonpartisan education information. They are to link up with any other group which may be operating, in the area which have common concerns, like pro-life groups, anti-pornography groups and so on. They are to develop a file on people interested in jobs that become available from pro-family elected officials or organizations. They are to get contacts in the media and give as much information to them as possible. They are to set up educational training programs to use where needed. And last but not least, they are to set up prayer committees and develop a prayer chain and utilize existing chains to breakdown the strongholds before them.

Now remember, if you don't live in Pennsylvania, don't shrug this all off because once he's organized here, YOU'RE NEXT! You might think he'll never be able to accomplish all this. Well remember this, the Christian Coalition didn't think they would have Pennsylvania organized until late 1994 or early 1995. They revised this timetable to mid-1993. Pat Robertson has invested over $18 million here and has plenty more where that came from. Remember he just recently spun off the Family Channel and received securities valued at $250 million, and that's just for starters. If he accomplishes his goal of getting Christian Coalition chapters in every county in the United States, then Pat Robertson and his cronies will be some very powerful men, and many of the rights we take for granted now will be a thing of the past!

You may be asking what can be done to stop this madman from taking over the country and turning it into the United States of Robertson? I don't have an answer for you. I've sent all the information I could get at this meeting to different groups and hope that maybe it will do some good. I think the only thing that can stop Pat now is the IRS. A lot of what he's doing is against the statutes of a tax-exempt organization, in my opinion, and the IRS is investigating, but this isn't the first time Pat has gone up against the IRS and nothing happened, so stay tuned for further developments on this continuing saga. Until next time, keep on ROC-ing!

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