Guest Editorial by Dave Marsh

Reports raged in mid-March that Tipper Gore had resigned from the board of the PMRC. Apparently, the story originated with MTV's Gore-pal Tabitha Soren. Anyway, although nobody would say so officially, Mrs. Gore has apparently quit her day job.

One reason Tipper's status can't be precisely confirmed is that the PMRC refuses to talk to anybody. Dial 703-527-9466 and you no longer get the ex-Reagan staff zombie (Suzi Talaant) who used to run the place, instead you hear: "Hello, you have reached the PMRC. If you would like to make a request, please leave your name, your address and a brief description of the information you would like, we regret that we are unable to return phone calls." As Frank Zappa once asked the Senate Commerce Committee, "what is this group--a cult?"

Don't be misled. Despite its name, the PMRC rarely talked to parents. Its goal has always been to pressure the music business, to whip musicians (and fans) into accepting orthodox government opinion. The watchdog remains on duty, but as Ice-T could tell you, the job's just about done. Nor will Tipper be moving her fat ass out of rock 'n' roll's path. Bill Clinton has appointed her "Mental health advisor." You sure don't have to be crazy to figure that rock and rap will continue to rank very near the top of Tipper's list of items dangerous to American mental health. KEEP THE HEAT ON! D.M.

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