By: Loretta Lawson

Way back a long time ago, in fact, it was Issue #6 of THE ROC, we ran a piece on WRATHCHILD AMERICA. Today the band is simply known as WRATHCHILD. In October, I caught their performance at the Foundations Forum in L.A., and I gotta tell ya, they kicked ass. Recently WRATHCHILD played a gig in Morgantown, WV, and R.O.C.'s Loretta Lawson had a chance to speak with Brad, Terry and Jay. Here's what they had to say. -JW-

ROC: What are your first thoughts when you hear the word censorship?

Terry: Communism.

Brad: Bullshit.

Jay: Silencing. It's trying to keep some truth out of things. You know what I mean, any censorship always has something to hide.

ROC: Does it bother you that you were required to have a warning label on your album?

Brad: Not really, it only bothers me when people try to stop people from buying it. It's like smoking when you were thirteen, your parents told you not to smoke, so you did. They tell you not to buy the record, and they do. You know kids do exactly the opposite, so warning labels I think make kids go out and buy it out of curiosity."

Jay: Actually they can put what the hell they want because we're not going to change the lyrics.

ROC: Warning labels may have once helped sales, however now many record store owners can be arrested for selling labeled albums to minors. What are your thoughts on this?

Terry: Hey, Communism.

Brad: What about a movie you can rent that has all kinds of violence and killing in it? A couple of stuck-up bitches that don't have anything better to do with their time.

Jay: That's bullshit man. Ethics they should not do. I'm sure at home they can hear a lot worse than what they hear on a record. Christ, just look out your windows you know, cussing a bad word...whoa, the end of the world is coming, something they've never heard.

ROC: What's your thoughts about Mrs. Vice President Gore?

Terry: That's all we need, Tipper Gore running around the White House.

Brad: I honestly think that no one pays attention to the Vice President anyway, and they're sure not going to pay attention to her. I really don't think it's going to be that much of a threat.

Jay: It's something to think about. You never know what's going to come out of that. Tipper will either be quiet or come out of the woodwork again and try to do all these other things now that she has moved up the ladder.

ROC: If you could say one thing to Tipper Gore and the whole PMRC what would it be?

Terry: Do you swallow?

Jay: Try to know what she's talking about before she goes shooting her mouth off. Don't be so self-righteous.

ROC: What do you think record labels should be doing more of to help fight censorship?

Terry: I think they should all stick together. If someone is going to put a song on a record about killing a cop and they want to put it out, then they put it out, and it's out there. If everybody would do that, just put the shit out. You don't have any problem with movies, books or magazines. You know what I'm saying, no one else gets hassled except the music industry.

ROC: What do you think fans should be doing to help fight censorship?

Jay: Hold their ground. Show and prove that the law is Freedom of Speech, period. The Tipper Gore types will go by the Constitution word for word, but when it comes to something they don't like, they try to make a different interpretation of it. Whatever benefits them.

ROC: Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of THE ROC?

Brad: Look for our new album sometime in 1993.

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