Houston-based rapper Bushwick Bill of the platinum-selling rap group The Geto Boys is dismissing the Clinton-Gore gala inaugural celebrations that are using rock and rollers, as hypocritical, cynical and a press stunt that sends contradictory messages.

Says Bushwick, "If you have a party in Washington, it should be for the hungry and underprivileged. It shouldn't be a feast to feed people who are just going to throw out the remains. It is a farce if people who need to be benefited aren't benefited. With unemployment on the rise, if they continue not to do something, it's going to be like South Central everywhere, with crime all over the place. These politicians with their little parties don't really want to know our struggle. They just come into our neighborhoods when they want to get their pictures taken to get elected. They don't really want people to know what's going on. I don't see the Clinton's and the Gore's asking rappers to play, when what we rappers do is like the news--we report what is going on."

Bushwick also says, "The Clintons and the Gores are essentially saying to parents that the rock & roll that they listen to is acceptable, but rap isn't. It's okay for your kids to listen to Fleetwood Mac or The Grateful Dead, but not groups like 2 Live Crew, Ice-T, The Geto Boys or Ice Cube, the rappers who tell it like it is."

Says Bushwick, "Politicians have always been against rap going into white neighborhoods. Just a couple of months ago Al Gore bashed Ice-T and Tupac Shakur, Clinton went after Sister Souljah, and Tipper Gore's PMRC is still selling their video bashing rap and rock. In Tipper's video, they intimate that The Geto Boys and 2 Live Crew cause rape, and they go after Ice-T and other performers. Then the Gores turn around and want the Grateful Dead to play for their little party. Jerry Garcia has been busted for all kinds of drugs. Then Tipper Gore and the PMRC go and put out their video that blames pot-smoking on Tone-Loc. Just so they can blame things like drugs on rap. They are just showing what hypocrites they are."

Bushwick says, "The last rock and roll party Al and Tipper had in Washington was their Senate hearing complaining about Prince and whoever else they didn't like. To me, any musician who was part of this inauguration stuff isn't a real musician. As far as I see it, they can bring in the Grateful Dead, just like before, the White House brought in Noriega. It's just more of the same self-serving hypocrisy. That's why in our new single, "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta," we have the part that says, 'And now a message from the President,' about how politicians are gangstas. Tipper can keep complaining about rap music as much as she wants, but I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not."

The Geto Boys' current video for "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" features footage of American Presidents as well as Manuel Noriega, and the group is featured in a court room. The video is currently airing on B.E.T. and The Box, and will soon debut on MTV.


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