By: John Woods

Those thrashers from Weston, West Virginia, The Screaming Amebas, are currently in the studio putting the final mix on their second demo release titled "MUSIC FOR THE DEAF." An anticipated release can be expected sometime next month.

You may recall the Screaming Amebas from the review of their first demo which appeared in the "Kirb's Korner" section of THE ROC #9. We first met the foursome when we attended a "Battle of the Bands" contest in West Virginia during the summer of 1991, and later in November they performed at the R.O.C. Benefit Show held in Morgantown.

"MUSIC FOR THE DEAF" will contain a lot of new material, plus a couple of re-done versions of material from the first demo, such as "6 FT." and the awesome "CRUSH." Some of the titles for the new material are, "PRAGMATIC," "BLOOD DAY," "11-23," "IT'S A WONDERFUL DAY" and the title-track "MUSIC FOR THE DEAF." Somewhere on the album, between "IT'S A WONDERFUL DAY" and "CRUSH" will be a spoken-word message from me, explaining the importance of keeping the fight against censorship alive. R.O.C. was mentioned in the bands "thank-list" on the J-card of the first demo, and we were honored when the Amebas contacted us about recording a spoken piece for this one. We are proud to be a part of this project and we than the Amebas for allowing us this opportunity to "spread the word."

The Screaming Amebas are: Nelson Bates, bassist, Mike Stamper, guitar, Paul Lamb, drums, and Josh Wanstreet, vocals and guitar. If you'd like to contact the band for info about obtaining your copy of "MUSIC FOR THE DEAF" or a copy of their first demo, you can do so by writing: THE SCREAMING AMEBAS, Rt. #3, Box 253-Y, Weston, WV 26452, or you can call Nelson Bates at (304) 269-2794.

While I was in L.A. last October attending the Foundations Forum, I took a bunch of the Amebas first demo with me and gave them to any industry reps who were accepting demos. Record companies! You should really consider giving an ear to this band's second demo effort.

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