By: Phyllis Pollack

MTV has informed Rap-A-Lot Records that it has rejected the new GETO BOYS video for the rap group's new single titled "Crooked Officer." Sources state that MTV's refusal to air the video is a result of the fallout occurring after Ice-T's "Cop Killer" dramas.

The "Crooked Officer" video predominantly consists of actual footage, some in black in white, but mostly in color, of police officers beating members of the Black community. The clip contains the lyrics of the "clean" version of the song. The chorus of the "clean version" has the lyrics, "Mr. Officer, Crooked Officer, why you wanna put me in a coffin sir?"

The "Crooked Officer" video never even reached a "standards" meeting at MTV, which is the typical route when a music video is submitted to the network. The video was never passed on further than the Acquisitions Department.

Despite MTV's refusal to air the video, the clip has been accepted at The Box, and according to Rap-A-Lot Records, it was accepted with open arms by B.E.T. Video Journal Magazine has contacted the label to praise the video, stating that, "the clip is very timely, and the video was an excellent job."

Rap-A-Lot Records president James Smith says, "The song and the video, are not about cop killers, it's about killer cops. This song does not say we are cop killers. It says there are cops who are killing us, victimizing us, and beating us up." Smith says censorship of rap and police brutality are intertwined, saying, "It's a conspiracy against Geto Boys all over the world who beat the system, and what I mean is them going after people who are beginning to have a little money. I think they want to destroy you. I'm talking about people ranging from Ice-T, the Geto Boys and a variety of others. We're tired of the conspiracy, period, and it has to be stopped."

Geto Boys member Scarface says, "It's so hard to separate the good police officers from the bad ones. You don't know which is which." The group says they constantly experience harassment from police. Recently a friend of the group, who was on the road during a Scarface solo performance date, was gunned down by an off-duty Shreveport police officer. Recently, James Smith was arrested by a Houston cop, who Smith claims planted an illegal pill on him. Since the arrest, the Houston police has changed the story on what drug it was three times in a period of several days (Mandrax, Extasy, then Valium), and has changed their story three times on where the drug was found (a police report says it was found in a police car).

Scarface says, "We are really sick of crooked cops and want to get the point across."

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