I am a record label and I'm tired of being misunderstood. It's been going on since I was born, which happened when the PMRC, a bunch of crazy preachers and a batch of bully politicians got together with the record companies and record stores. While I was growing up, acquiring my full power, thousands of artists and music lovers also helped nurture me, by standing by silently and ignoring me.

Now, even though I haven't been around very long and my physical dimensions remain quite tiny, I'm big and strong. Powerful enough to cover up a great many things. Just take a quick peak underneath and you'll see what I'm covering up. Here's some records that will never be heard; over there, a batch of songs that will never be written, some ideas that will never be sung, a flood of thoughts that remain untransmitted. That thing over there? It's a mass of hopes and dreams that choked to death, because they never got shared with people who needed them. That other big pile? Oh, those are the facts about the people who made me and the way they run the world and treat people. But they aren't dying. They grow in the dark.

So stop your damn complaining. I'm a record label and I'm proud of myself; destroying and covering up such things is exactly why I was born.

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