By: Kirby Stokes


Peabody's Down Under
Cleveland, Ohio
January 28, 1993

Peabody's was jam-packed in anticipation of seeing truly one of the greatest punk bands of all times, FEAR. Having recently reformed (and now based in Austin, Texas, moving from L.A.) led by the ever so subtle one, Lee Ving on vocals and guitar mayhem, and Philo Cramer on lead guitar. They proceeded to blast out a full set of classics (you name it, they did it) and some "ladies requests" thrown in. FEAR IS BACK!, and as intense as ever. Check out their latest live L.P. available on Restless Records, or better yet, check them out when they come to destroy your town. You deserve it!!

The SKATENIGS opened the show. Also from Austin (along with SKREW, BUTTHOLE SURFERS and most recently MINISTRY) this rivals any so called "scene" in the Pacific Northwest. SKATENIGS opened with an indescribable, fun filled set consisting of their past works on Wax Trax and their current "Stupid People Shouldn't Breed" LP available on Megaforce. Tunes like "Horny For Evil," "I Don't Need A Cop To Tell Me What To Fucking Do." They even turned Sabs "Iron Man" into "Homo Man." One of the best openers I've seen.

Extra, extra special thanks to Chuck Adams. You rule!! AS for those red suspender wearing, shaved head, pea-brained, Nazi jack-offs who are masters of cheap shots in the pit, who even kick girls when they go down. I hope the ghost of Adolf Hitler comes to your house and rapes your mama!!!

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