By: John Woods & Mike Heck

Satanism and death metal have walked hand in hand to hell and back for over a decade, ever since Venom first startled the underground with the devilishly inviting "Welcome to Hell" album. Those years saw countless death metal bands adopt Satanic demeanors, with few offering any lasting sincerity. Even highly influential bands like Venom, Possessed and early Slayer; no matter how convincingly evil any of them might have appeared, they always allowed a touch of bogus light to shine through their musical darkness. This is where DEICIDE differs. The Clearwater, Florida foursome embraces the same Satanic ideology as their death metal peers, only DEICIDE (which means "killing of God") take it to the extreme - going so far as to live their everyday lives proudly under the sign of the black mark.

"All of us are into Satanism," boasts DEICIDE guitarist Eric Hoffman. "We're into it everyday, it's not just a show. You'd have to be serious about it to burn an upside-down cross into your head. It shows that you are totally Satanic" (referring to singer/bassist Glen Benton's unholy forehead decoration). My brother (Brian, guitar) has burned his arm numerous times, and Steve (Asheim, drums) and I have also burnt ourselves. We're not just fakin' it like Slayer. Let's see them burn themselves."

After forming in 1987, DEICIDE issued their first album in June '90 on RC Records, an atheistic display of sheer musical terror that went on to sell over 150,000 units worldwide.

"We knew it would do well," says Eric. "We had all been listening to bands like Sodom, Slayer and Bathory for so long, and when we made that record we just combined the most brutal death metal we could come up with. We figured if the album didn't sell, then something was wrong."

May 1992 marked the long-awaited return of DEICIDE, whose second album is being fed to a ravenous swarm of underground fans. "Legion" again features the unique vocal approach of DEICIDE singer Glen Benton, whose method of layering ear-bleeding demon screams over deep-throated roarings branded their first album with such irreverent identity. "He's worthy of Satan himself," says Eric in high praise. "It's even more brutal and Satanic than the first one!"

With each member boasting a heartfelt passion for the Satanic arts as well as mutual worship for rabid death metal, one would think that the members of DEICIDE share a personal bond stronger than that of the average band. Not so. Their common interest in Satanism is the only driving force behind DEICIDE's murderously maniacal music--not an excuse to hang out in the backwoods of Clearwater. "The Satanism doesn't bond us as much personally as it does musically," explains Eric. "We're usually at each others throats, threatening to kill each other. The reason we haven't broken up yet is because there is too much at stake with this band, we've been doing it for too long. Steve, Brian and I are pretty close because we've been playing together for six years, but Glen is usually off somewhere in his world. If things don't take off soon, Glen will probably kill someone."

ROC's Mike Heck and John Woods had the opportunity to catch a glimpse into the dark world of DEICIDE frontman/bassist Glen Benton following their performance at FLASH's in Cleveland recently. So prepare yourself mere mortal, you're about to take an interesting walk into the inner realm of darkness and hear what the "master" of Satanic death metal has to say about a wide variety of issues. This interview is dedicated to you, Bob Larson, may an endless stream of evil things come your way!

ROC: What's your first thought when you hear the word censorship?

Glen Benton: What I think about it? I think about things like not being able to use album covers for artwork that I like. Censorship goes from what people are allowed to listen to, to what people are allowed to see and view. I don't like censorship whatsoever. When people try to put their shit down on me it pisses me off. I've been censored several times and it just fuckin' irritates the fuck out of me.

ROC: How specifically has DEICIDE been censored?

GB: I've had my artwork and other shit shot down a few times because of the fuckin' censorship. This is bullshit man, if a band wants to put out an album cover that is completely blasphemy he's not about to do it because he won't sell albums because now these fuckin' stores won't let him in. It's bullshit, and it affects everybody, the listener, the creator, everybody. It hurts everyone's pocketbook.

ROC: How do you feel when you hear the letters PMRC?

GB: I think it's a fuckin' organization full of fuckin' idiots. But then again, they haven't touched me and they haven't went after me. So until that day all I'm gonna say is that they're a bunch of assholes. If they want to fuck with me, you know, bring it on! I don't think they have the balls because if they come starting shit in my face, I'll beat the fuck out of them right there on the spot. Same goes for all their little cronies around the country. I think it's just one big fuckin' political circus. It's nothing but politics, stupidity and ignorance.

ROC: How do you feel about Tipper Gore being the Vice President's wife?

GB: Let me tell you something, when I was watching that Democratic Convention and I saw those fucking idiots dancing around on stage, let me tell you something, the Gore fucking Clinton ticket is like watching old episodes of I LOVE LUCY. You've got the fuckin' Ricardo's and the Mertz's man. They all dance around and I'm like, somebody smack them people and wake 'em the fuck up. The last thing we need is Tipper Gore running our country. We don't need no stupid bitch telling her old man what to do, and that bitch ain't nothing but stupid. The day that woman steps foot in front of my face is the day I'll slap the bitch down. She ain't nothing but trouble and she ain't nothing but a stupid bitch, and her kids are a bunch of idiots too. If you don't want you stupid goofy kids listening to this music, that's your responsibility. Just like it's my responsibility when my kid gets bigger and he wants to listen to something, he can listen to whatever the fuck he wants. That's his choice. Just like it's your choice to do what you're doing, it's my choice to do what I wanna do. There shouldn't be any fake blonde fat ass bitch out there telling us what the fuck we need to do. We don't need it man, it's bullshit. She ain't nothing but an Ethel Mertz, man, that 's the way I look at it. A fat assed Ethel Mertz.

ROC: You mentioned you've had censorship problems over album art work, but has DEICIDE had any specific problems with the cops, so-called citizens groups or religious groups?

GB: I've had things happen, like maybe six months ago we were practicing in my garage on a Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden a Sheriff's Deputy pulls up with this woman from the Florida Child Protective Services department, you know, the one's who handle child abuse. Anyway, we're all practicing and drinking Gatorade, and the next thing you know I got this social worker and deputy show up at my house wanting to check out my house and check out my son because they had an anonymous tip that he was being Satanically abused in the house. What bullshit, my kid's got everything he wants, and he's not abused. He's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and my wife, and the last thing we'd do is abuse him. But because of what I am and who I am, these people had to come and check me out. I'm not a stupid individual. I'm a very smart Satanist and I keep what I do outside my house. There are things in my house that I keep there because I don't want it stolen, but then again, when I go to practice my religion or have rituals or whatever we do, or whenever we congregate, we don't do it at my house for the fact that I'm being watched all the time and it's the stupidest thing for me to do, to be carrying on rituals there. Talk about censorship, that's censorship right there. I have to live in fear because of my religious beliefs. This country has a modern day witchhunt going on right now because of what I am, who I am, and what I believe in. All these stupid fucking idiots in this world who instead of answering for their actions for themselves they use this word 'Satan,' so what happens is you create this huge stereotype that if a person believes in Satan, he's fucking killing babies. It's not like that. I'm spiritually committed to my religion and I do religious practices, but I don't do them in my house. I'll let my son decide what he wants to be. I don't jam my religion down his throat and if he doesn't want to be in it, that's fine. My wife is an Atheist so I haven't jammed it down their throats. They know what I believe in, my wife knows what I believe in and she's completely behind me. Maybe my son will end up being an Atheist.

ROC: That's really an open-minded attitude. Most people would suspect that your family would be Satanists too.

GB: But let me also tell you right now, there's no Christianity in my house. There's no Christianity spoken in my house and there is no Christianity around my son to influence him. He'll be a very smart individual because he won't ever be poisoned by Christianity. It breeds ignorance, and he won't be an ignorant individual. He's already a very smart kid, for 18 months old he's very smart. He knows what an upside-down cross is. When he holds a crucifix he holds it upside-down. Since he's been born the only crosses he's seen are upside-down, and no religion is preached in the house, so he won't be growing up to be stupid or narrow-minded. Whatever he wants he can have it. I'm not going to force him as far as my Satanism goes, but if he does want to, I'll be there to definitely guide him in the right direction as far as what we do.

ROC: How long have you been into Satanism?

GB: I've been in the occult since I was nine or ten years old. My Aunt was a Black Witch who got me involved in this stuff initially turning me on to books and later allowing me to partake in practicing the Black Arts. She's a very evil individual.

ROC: What do you think about the Anton LaVay brand of Satanism?

GB: Anton's got his philosophy. Some people take his philosophy and twist it a bit to try to benefit themselves. Whatever works for Anton, but I'll tell you right now, I'm not into running around in a pair of red leotards and fake horns. That's a bit too Hollywood. What I have is a spiritual link with my master and that is the way I like it. It's me and him, not Hollywood, red leotards, fake horns and shit. That's not what Satanism is all about. Satanism is having that link with your spiritual lord and being able to please him, not trying to gratify yourself in it and make a fucking profit off it. My profit is made by album sales, but my real profit is a self-profit that I make knowing that I'm pleasing my spiritual lord. I'm providing a service for him.

ROC: What are your thoughts about someone like Allister Crowley?

GB: Crowley was a fucking master! Crowley was nothing but persecuted by the Christian community. Crowley grew up having Christianity crammed down his throat, he rebelled and didn't want nothing to do with it. Crowley was a very smart individual.

ROC: Do you feel that he led the way for 21st Century thinking?

GB: Yea, I would call him responsible for a lot of open-mindedness that's come about in this world. His teachings opened a lot of people's minds. A lot of ignorant people opened up reading his literature and listening to what he had to say. The man wasn't stupid, the man was very smart, and he had a spiritual link with his master.

ROC: Is that why Christians label him "the world's most evil man?

GB: He was! In this century he was the most evil man. Now that he's gone, and what that man has experienced in what he partook in, man he was there. He was in league with the Devil, and I'll tell you right now, that man is NOT in heaven. He provided a service.

ROC: What about someone like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, who lives in Crowley's mansion, and you know about some of the things that happened during the days of Zeppelin. Do you think any of that has something to do with a presence of Crowley?

GB: I don't think Crowley was responsible for all the bad happening to Led Zeppelin, but you know Jimmy Page is into the Black Arts and shit happens man. A variety of shit happens. I've found myself in rituals where I've caught myself on fire, where it's unexplainable. I've had the skin from the tips of fingers to my elbow where you could completely wipe the skin right off my body. I've experienced things that just don't happen. You can't explain it, there's nothing you can do to explain it, except suffer. For everything you ask there's a price, and if you ask for too much, there's a price and man you gotta pay it. I've paid it a few times. I've lost a lot of things that were dear to me, and when you ask for something and you don't ask for it in the right way, there's always a price. I've learned now how to ask for things without losing anything. Like the time my guitar got stolen in Europe. What happened, and this is really strange, but it's just par-for-the-course, two days before that happened, I was doing some spiritual linking with my master, or maybe you can call it some 'unholy praying,' but I was asking for something and I got it, but then again I lost my guitar. When the guitar was gone it pops into my head, that was the price. You have to learn how to go about asking for something a little bit differently. It's all in the presentation. If you ask for too much, there is a price, if you ask in the right way, it's there. Satan only lies to the undeserving. Satan knows, he knows if your soul's got purity in it, he can tell. That's why these Christians are out there saying, 'Oh Satan only lies, Satan lies.' He lies to them because they are undeserving and they are Christians and they have Godness in them and Christianity in their souls. That's why it can't work for them because they are not completely committed to it. They're not ready to commit their whole lives to Satan. That's why bad things happen to them. You get these Christian kids out there and they want to be into Satanism, they start fucking around with the occult, and the next thing you know is that they are all fucked up. Their lives get so fucking destroyed and then they blame it on Satanism. 'Oh Satan lied to me, blah, blah, blah.' Hey man, they have nobody else to blame but themselves. If this is what they wanted then they would have completely committed themselves to it. When I first got started there were days when I would not take my cross off. If I would take my inverted cross off, blam, something would nail me right there. I would either burn myself or some other accident would happen. As soon as my cross came off, things started happening. Put it on, and I'm protected, take it off I'm nailed. So what did I do? I burnt the fucker in my forehead so I'll always have it on me. I can never be touched by the righteous one. By penetrating my soul I'm protected forever.

ROC: You say that a lot of kids dabble in Satanism and get fucked up. A lot of critics of DEICIDE claim that you encourage them to dabble through your music. How do you feel about that?

GB: I don't think you can blame me for making somebody do something. I'm not up there saying 'alright stop this show, OK everybody, now I want all of you to be Satanists. I want you to go home and throw out your Bibles.' I don't tell a crowd to do that. It's up to the individual. If that person is that committed to it that he wants to give his life to Satanism, that takes a special breed of person. It takes a strong person to be able to suffer the consequences, and there's a lot of kids out there who can't handle it. There's a lot to it. A lot of mental and psychological things that go with Satanism. It's not just saying, 'oh I believe in the Devil man, let's drink some blood.' It's nothing like that, it's a spiritual thing that controls your body and if you're not sure about it, and if you're not 100% all out for it, that's your life, giving your soul to the Devil, if you're not ready to do that and you're just gonna dabble in it, look out, you're gonna get burned man. I've seen it so many times. When I started, I got burned, but I didn't give up. I did not give up my religion, I did not give up my beliefs or my spiritualism that I have for Satan. I didn't give it up and that's how Satan seen it. Satan said, 'well hey, this is it, you're passed this point, now you're in, you're safe, nobody can touch you. That's how it is now. I don't have bad things happening to me. I don't have this shit happening to me like it did when I was 17 or 18 years old. I was getting fucked-up when I was a kid. There'd be times when I'd be driving down the road, and BAM, I'd be laying out on the hood of a car, my head busted open and shit. There's so many times I've come so close to death in my early days. Now I'm protected, I'm beyond being attacked by the fucking forces of goodness. They can't touch me, I'm beyond that.

ROC: Would you elaborate a little about the ongoing battle between you and religious radio talk show host, Bob Larson?

GB: Yea, me and Mr. Larson are gonna have it out. I was sitting at home a couple of years ago and I get a call from Morrisound Studios telling me that a radio station in Colorado wants me to call and do a phoner. I figure it's a college station wanting an interview. I was cool about it, so I call these people up and they won't tell me what the fuck is going on until they get me on the air. Then they start bringing all these religious abuse victims to me and shit, throwing all that shit in my face like it's my fault. They just fuckin' took me by surprise. It was total bullshit because I'm real straight forward. Anyway, I gave 'em a weeks worth of abuse and hung up on them. I laid off the guy for a long time but he kept bringing me up all the time. You turn on the fucking radio and there he was talking about me. Hey, I'm not his private fucking rating booster that he can use to make money and shit. That fucking pisses me off when that motherfucker uses my name, uses my terminologies to make money. Like brain-dead. You've heard him use the term brain-dead, right? He uses the fucking term six times in one sentence. I'm the one that called up and first called him brain-dead. He uses my terminology and it irritates the fuck out of me. Then the guy has the balls to tell me one day that some guy calls up his show and says that my wife is really a Christian and that I've got her under lock and key or whatever. And I go, 'hey, look man, my old lady's an Atheist, fuck you! I don't care what you say, you're talkin' to the wrong people.' He's just done so many things to irritate me.

ROC: How about the guy who called in and said that you gave him demons?

GB: Yea, and he claimed that he hangs out with me right? I don't know this guy. Hey, I live out in the swamps man, nobody hangs out with me.

ROC: Do you think that most of Bob Larson's calls are set-ups?

GB: Yea! A lot of DEICIDE fans call him just to irritate him.

ROC: Oh yea, but we mean the ones from so-called converts. How about them?

GB: I think Larson uses a lot of that fuckin' money he makes to pay people off to do shit like that.

ROC: Remember the day you called his show and was doing the show from Alaska? Bonnie Bell answered the phone and you said, "We're coming to Denver, Bob." As soon as you hung up the first words out of his mouth was, "Oh did you hear that, that was Glen Benton. I need someone out there to send me a thousand dollars to fight Satan."

GB: One thousand dollars ain't enough to save his ass. The only thing that can save Bob Larson's ass is never showing up at my gigs. I sent him a message today through our company. If I have to seek you, you'll live, but if you show up with your fucking brain dead victims of the holy, then I'll start wiping you people out at the show.

ROC: When other bands play in Denver, he goes to their shows. It'll be interesting to see if he comes to yours.

GB: I was on his show yesterday, I called him. I don't listen to his show everyday, but someday my fucking nose starts to itch and I turn on the radio and he's on there rappin' about me, I've told him repeatedly to drop my name from his program, forget he's ever heard about me and we'll be fine. The guy just don't wanna let it rest. He wants to keep bringing me up and using me to make money. You know, he's got all these old Christian ladies out there sending him money every time he says my name. They're thinking Glen Benton's gonna get Bob so I better send him a thousand dollars so Bob can go out and buy a gun or something. Larson's gonna get his man. If he shows up at that club that toupee's gonna be hanging on my keychain.

ROC: You're an easy target for people like Bob Larson because you're so vocal about your religion. What about someone like King Diamond who's not so vocal. What about him?

GB: I think King Diamond talks too much shit. King Diamond does interviews and talks shit about us, saying that I tell kids to kill themselves and shit. Eric threatened to kick his ass at a Cleveland airport once. The guy's nothing but a pussy and a poser. Anyone who can denounce Satanism, I don't want nothing to do with.

ROC: What about bands like Slayer and Morbid Angel?

GB: There's a lot of bands out there man, and I don't want to start slaggin' bands, but I will say this. I am disappointed by a lot of these bands. I was disappointed and I think they abandoned their beliefs. If it wasn't for the simple fact that Satanism got them where they're at, using it as a shock value to get there and then just to fucking abandon it, it's just nothing but disappointing. Bad luck and bad things will come their way.

ROC: Second to Deicide, Morbid Angel is one of Bob's favorite bands to attack. He even had Trey on the show...

GB: That wasn't Trey on there. It was just some kid.

ROC: Why won't you go to Denver like Larson wants and debate him on his show on the air?

GB: There's no debating a person like that because they're ignorant and they're gonna believe what they believe no matter what you tell them. There's no changing their minds, just like there's no changing our minds.

ROC: That's like we've always said that if we ever got invited to go on some talk show to debate Tipper Gore, we'd not sit there and politely and calmly debate with scum like her without going over the fucking table after her, so we understand what you're saying.

GB: Yea, there's no debating what we believe in to a person who's as fucking narrow-minded as they are. There's just no debating with them. That's why I've turned Larson down to do interviews. Picture this, me going into the studio to do an interview with Bob Larson, and he's offered, in fact again just today he called our record label. If I'm in there with this guy, I'm telling you right now that within five seconds of that show starting, I'm gonna jump on him. I'm gonna beat the fuck out of the guy, so what's the sense of me going there when I know I'm gonna beat the shit out of him. The guy's just a fuckin' asshole. It irritates me just to hear him talk. I don't want to hear it man, I don't want to hear his little prayers to Christ, I don't want to hear all that shit, all I wanna hear is the sound of that fucking toupee coming loose.

ROC: He's gonna be in this area next week, in Akron. We're gonna go and harass him a bit. That's two days after your show in Denver. If he doesn't show up we'll know you got him. Let us know how it goes in Denver.

GB: Oh yea, I will. If he shows up, that toupee's mine. Yesterday he denied that he wears a toupee. If I get that thing you'll see it up there on the cover of KERRANG magazine, me sitting there holding that motherfucker, spinning it around. Come and get it Bob! You got the balls Bob to come and get it? Come to my house and get it. I'd love to bring Bob Larson into my house for a fucking cup of coffee.

ROC: When Bob once sent you a release form to sign when he thought you might come to Denver for his show, did you write "Fuck You" in blood and send it back? We ask because once on Paul Crouch's PTL show Larson showed it.

GB: Yea, he sent that thing to me, and I thought, I'll send you a release form. I picked the scab off my cross burn and signed it.

ROC: We didn't know if you knew about him showing it on PTL. We've got it on tape.

GB: Sunday mornings are pretty funny down at my house too. Oh man, it's like watching the Little Rascals or something. I sit there and laugh. I like the one called Prophecy Countdown. The guy gets on there and goes 'REVELATIONS blah, blah, blah.' It's like the whole show is nothing but doom.

ROC: Have you seen the series about rock music that's aired on the Family Channel by John Ankerberg and Eric Holmberg?

GB: Yea I know that one. That Eric Holmberg is a real pecker. He's on this show in Florida, and some guy calls in talking like a real hick, 'What bout dat dere band Deicide?' And Holmberg goes, 'oh, oh, now he's got an inverted cross burnt in his forehead, they're the most extreme band in the Satanic death metal scene.' This guy Holmberg, he's supposed to be an ex-musician or whatever, and man you're just burnt bitch because I'm making a living at it and you couldn't.

ROC: Bob Larson also claims to be an ex-musician.

GB: Bob Larson is an ex-conman. Before he got to where he's at he used to go around the country selling shit like Amway products. He's held like Tupperware meetings and shit. Larson is nothing but a pubic, a pubic hair on the toilet of a K-Mart bathroom. The last thing that guy needs is to have me on him because I'll tell you what, he can bring out the demons in me real quick. I can definitely hack up some fucking lung cookies for him. He brings out a side of me where I have uncontrollable rage, so the last thing he needs is to confront me. He's only like five foot something, and I'd grab him in a fucking headlock and squeeze his little head off. One day you'll see our motorhome going down the road and I'll have that toupee hanging on the antenna like a raccoon tail.

ROC: What do you think about what groups like ours are doing?

GB: You know I met your guy in Florida at a show in St. Petersburg. Yea, we talked a little bit and I got some copies of your paper. I definitely keep up with you guys, and I really like your paper THE ROC, it's fucking good man. After I started getting it in the mail it got to the point where I was really looking forward to it. I'd go out to the mailbox and there'd be one and I'd go YEAHHH, and I'd open it up to see who's getting their ass reamed. I love it. A month or so later, I'd find another one in the mail and I'd pull it out and go YEAH, YEAH! The one you guys did with the picture of Bob Larson with Slayer really cracked me up (THE ROC #7). But for them to denounce their religion in front of Bob is the worst thing Slayer could have done. Because now since they did that, they're just nothing but a fucking joke to that guy. I'll never denounce my religion, so Bob Larson is always gonna be on me.

ROC: Come on Glen, you mean you wouldn't invite Bob out on tour with you like Slayer did?

GB: Let me tell you something man, and I'm not fucking joking with you, if he comes to any of my shows, I'm gonna rip that fucking piece of rag off his head. This guy's nothing but a farce. Look, I'll tell you what man, if our government don't start cracking down on this shit real soon, people like myself aren't gonna tolerate this shit too much longer. There's gonna be a revolution that's gonna end up with only one thing, the burning of all these goddamn churches man. This country needs to wipe 'em out man.

ROC: We don't know if you listen to Pat Robertson, but the line that he's pushing is that in the very near future we're gonna see violence against Christians. Maybe he sees the writing on the wall, but is that what you're talking about?

GB: Well, they're bringing the violence on themselves. If the Christians would keep their mouths shut and go about their business and stay the hell out of everybody else's business, we wouldn't have any beef with them. But they can't, they can't keep out and leave us alone, and what it is, is that if it wasn't for us they'd be out of business. They would have nothing to talk about. The youth of today are not going to tolerate it man. Tell you what, ten more years from now, the kids are not going to be pushed around by the religious idiots. Look what's going on, how many churches got burnt in Florida? That shit's still going on around the country. They don't talk about it because they don't want all the other freaks like myself out there burning them. It's not gonna stop, it's not gonna stop until they're all gone.

ROC: So it's more or less like they don't want to draw attention to it because they can see it like maybe opening up?

GB: If they keep drawing attention to it, it's like throwing fuel on the fire of people like myself who can't stand being pushed around by these fucking religious organizations. It's bullshit man, I'm not gonna tolerate it and neither are the kids of this generation. They're not gonna tolerate being told what to do, they're not gonna tolerate having God jammed down their throat, looking at every dollar bill, having God on their money, having God used as a unity to keep this country together. We don't need it. This country's gonna stay united regardless of if there's a God or not. That's what religion is, religion was put upon this world for unity. To keep people united, but all its done is destroy it. The book was put here for people to believe in one thing, and one thing only, what that book says, but there's people who believe in Allah, there's people who believe in Buddha, there's people who believe in, you name it. Christianity was created by man to oppress man, and that's all it's ever been, it's oppressive. It's always been for one individual to hang over another individual's head. Don't do this because that's not the Christian way. Well then why are you doing it then? Because they are hypocrites, it's hypocrisy, what they preach and what they breed is nothing but hypocrisy. They say one thing and do completely the opposite. How Christian-like is that? It's not Christian at all man, it's hypocrisy. Look at some of these preachers, it'd be different if they took the bus or drove a Hyundai or something, but they gotta have New Yorkers, Town Cars, Cadillacs, Mercedes, you know. They've gotta have a Gold Card and all that shit. Christianity is nothing but greed. Now they have church three days a week instead of one. Why? The offering is tripled man, so this preacher can make his car payment. It's all bullshit.

ROC: Do you see Christianity and censorship working hand-in-hand playing the same role?

GB: It's all the same man, it's the Christian value system that's creating censorship. The moral issues are there only because Christianity says something is wrong. But then again, what's wrong for one person is completely good for another. Why should one man say, 'Don't do that because that's not the Christian way.' I say, why fuck you man, I'll do whatever I want, you're just pissed off cause you're not getting it because you believe in a false prophet. If you didn't believe in that, you'd be yamming these two chicks man. But then again, he's probably gonna leave that situation, go across the street to a nudie bar and watch porno flicks all night. That's how Christians are. You want to find a Baptist preacher, go look in any nudie bar. That's where they're at, you see 'em in there all the time. Hey, I gotta go, we've got a seven hour ride to Chicago, but I thank you guys very much for what you're doing. I have a lot of respect for you guys. Keep doing the fucking job man. What you guys are doing is a service to this country man. Thanks a lot man.

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