By: Jim Tremlett

So November 3rd has come and gone, and Bush is gone too. Now that all the hoopla is over, and the Reagan-Bush era has gone in the political drawer to roost with the pet rocks and helicopter beanies, I have but one word to describe the proceedings and the outcome: "Barf"!

I should confess that, before I start throwing rocks, I too had no problem with Slick Willie's First Amendment stance until Al and Tipper jumped onto the ticket. I was willing to overlook how his Arkansas cops were arresting kids for wearing Van Halen t-shirts and was willing to excuse his lambasting of Sister Souljah as mere ignorance, and his dis of Ice-T as mere election trail stumping. But then Tipper was on the ticket, and everything went to hell.

As far as I'm concerned, most of the heavy hitters in the "progressive community" have been extremely two-faced during this election: going so gaga over getting Bush out of office that they were willing to ignore Tipper and her PMRC witchhunt scam. Censorship is censorship, folks, whether it's perpetrated by the Right or Left, and if you're turning a blind eye to the violations of one party and concentrating on those of the other, then that makes you a hypocrite.

This brings us to the all-too-obvious observation that if the "progressive community" was as progressive as they claim to be, they wouldn't be backing a "demoblican" like Clinton anyway. What they would be doing is laying the groundwork for a genuine third party so we could have a REAL choice on election day. But noooo, that takes too long, and it's so easy to sell out, bend over, and ignore Tipper Gore for Marilyn Quayle who, for all her "moral" philandering, hasn't done shit.

If you chowderhead pundits out there get pissed off because I made hamburger out of your sacred cow, then I dare you to prove me wrong. You could start by helping to defend the First Amendment instead of just using it as a tool for your agenda. Start working for REAL change not just a change of leaders. And don't rely on Clinton to be your golden boy either: in the end, he's just as much of a politician as Bush was; he'll only move his ass if you kick it, and if you're too busy kissing it (like some in our ranks have been doing) then he won't move at all.

The SIT AND THINK award goes to every "thinking progressive" who dissed us because we dared to speak the truth and didn't blindly follow your party line. Those of us who voted for Clinton plan to augment their support with vigilance and action, but will you do the same? If so, get behind us, if not, get out of our way.

--Jim Tremlett is the president of Friendly Anti-Censorship Taskforce for Students (FACTS) at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. R.O.C. and FACTS have worked together on a number of projects such as taking the 30,000 names to the RIAA last October.

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