By: Joe Kolb

Turn on radio or TV, read the paper or any magazine and one has an assumption that we are being fed information. Looking towards the media, we believe that we are being informed by insightful ideas, objective reporting and artistic expression. As any idiot knows, this is not the case. The unsatisfiable greed for economic gain permiates throughout the entertainment industry. Rather than giving artists/musicians a freeway to travel with their ideas, originality is kept offroad by the wayside. An example is how ROLLING STONE magazine handled a request for an Alien Sex Fiend story. They shunned the idea because the band was too irrelevant for them. Too irrelevant? By who's standard? This is a typical reply to all industrial music. (Call up a large magazine, MTV or radio and see what their response will be.) Alien Sex Fiend has 17 singles, 11 LPs and video's. Their latest video, created by the special effects team behind Hellraiser, Nightbreed, and Indiana Jones. MTV of course thinks the Fiend irrelevant and refused to play their video. Is it because they are not corporate asskissers or Warner Brothers corporate clones? ROLLING STONE magazine and MTV are clear cut examples of media saturation that exists in Corporate America. What exactly is media saturation? It is capturing corporate subjects (Madonna, REM, U2, etc.) reorganizing/promoting them to comment on themselves and making them a cultural "landmark." Thus, they find bands/performers that fit into a corporate marketing mode, repeatedly play them and saturate the marketplace with promotional activity. Repetition is essential to how the public will think and purchase. Corporate America is very aware and practices this both in consumerism and politics. In the musical realm, it is back-firing though. People are just not buying their tired music anymore. That is why the independent and industrial music scene exists and grows. Marketing in and of itself is not bad or an issue. Promoting creative music that reflects today's attitudes is. It also is who determines what gets marketed. Corporate marketing schemes are weakening the economy and society because of the lack of choice and repetition. "Classic"/Adult rock is dead--but rather than give industrial or alternative music a chance, they decry pirating is the reason they are losing millions of dollars of lost sales while hiking up prices of CDs. To Rolling Stone and MTV: Why not let people, not corporate business, determine what is irrelevant? Of course, if that was the case, your disgraceful shit organizations would not exist. Get a life. Your closed minds and brown noses have made Alien Sex Fiend and industrial music the great artists and style that exist today. --Joe Kolb

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