By: Kirby Stokes

Starlake Amphitheater
Burgettstown, PA

THE ROC kicked some serious ass at the major music event of the summer. Although our latest issue had not been printed in time for the gig, all our info & literature was snatched up before Ice Cube took the stage. As well as getting over 1000 names on our petition against labeling, ROC'er Todd Miller spoke for our allotted five minutes on the side stage about what ROC is doing and our plans for D.C. Celeb's showing up at the booth were Paul Barker from MINISTRY in all his coolness. Paul has to be one of the nicest persons I've met especially in the music biz. Wish there were more like him. Jim Rose from the Sideshow also stopped by to sign the petition. Musical highlights of the day were LUSH with their beautiful harmonies, MINISTRY's subversive industrial splendor and of course the CHILI PEPPERS in all their funkness. Special thanks to Todd, Mark and Brenda.

Cleveland Music Hall

In sharp contrast to the affore mentioned gig this was a shining example of how corporate maggots have infiltrated the art of music. It was supposedly arranged months ago that R.O.C. could set up on this tour, and on the Florida leg, we did. But in Cleveland, it was a different story. First, when I spoke to John Kirkpatrick from MEGADETH's management, he told me that "Dave Mustaine had to be 'neutral' when it came to what R.O.C. was all about." What the fuck does that mean!!! ROC leads the fight for fans as well as musicians. How can you be 'neutral' when it comes to the PMRC, as well as other fascist Nazi pigs who want to shut off our access to information? We got to Music Hall to find out from one of MEGADETH's lackies that we could not set up at the show. After driving two hours, plus we had car trouble, it makes you want to "hurl." Oh boy!! We also saw "guitar God" Marty Friedman of MEGADETH who when asked to sign the anti-labeling petition, he autographed the fucking thing!! Smooth move Ex-Lax, DUH!! So much for "heroes." To also see music fans herded around like cattle or like boarding the train also makes ya wanna scratch your head. When telling fans about their "heroes" comments were like "Yeah, but he sure can shred!" Like I said before, "DUH!!"

Thanks to Shaun, Mark and Lori

(The Devil In Music)
Davey Roever

When viewing this video, I find it ironic that such a horribly disfigured man can talk about rock music being controlled by the devil, when being used as a pawn by a real "devil" (our own government). His face was burnt and he required plastic surgery due to napalm in Vietnam. It gets comical when a woman reads all the "meanings" into SLAYER's "Reign In Blood" album art. All about George Washington and Satan Blah! Blah! Blah! Ad Nauseum. Hey Davey!! Pass me the Window Pane!! Special thanx to "Scoutmaster" Ed Streets for the tape., HA!!

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