By: Mike Heck

Hard core rapper Ice Cube, who debuted his new album "The Predator" on a pirate radio broadcast with the help of famed radio pirate Black Rose, recently had his new album certified platinum in a mere four days. The album also debuted at #1 on the BILLBOARD top 200 album list, and top R & B albums chart. No other artist in history has ever debuted at the top spot on both charts. Last year's "Death Certificate" had similar success on the BILLBOARD charts, but also was the subject of a scathing editorial by BILLBOARD, which called for its removal from retailers shelves. Upon hearing the news about his album being #1 on the charts the "Cube" said, "Fuck BILLBOARD and the editor, #1 is The Predator."

Rocks most notorious punk band The Sex Pistols recently had their legendary cult movie "The Great Rock & Roll Swindle" reissued in the U.S. Prior to this it was only available on Japanese import, but now, thanks to Warner Brothers, the video along with an album and CD release, and a soon to be available laser disc. "The Great Rock & Roll Swindle" is both a home video and sound track album, coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the group's 1977 U.S. tour, marking the demise of rock & roll's best bands and the climax of a bizarre, unnerving and exhilarating chapter in pop culture annals. Prior to this release a commemorative Thames River boat concert in late October was rumored to be the stage for a reunion by the group's surviving members. Instead the audience was treated to a performance by a band calling themselves, "The Scottish Sex Pistols." John Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten however did make an unscheduled appearance via TV, and greeted the crowd with, "Good afternoon wankers, how does it feel to be conned?" The Great Rock & Roll Swindle was released on November 24, available in CD, cassette, video and later on laser disc. Go steal your copy now!

Henry Rollins soon will be releasing spoken word performances to be titled "The Box Life." The early 1993 release will be on two CD's and twin cassettes. A long form Rollins video taped at a L.A. spoken word performance earlier this year and titled "Talking From The Box" will also be released. Look for Henry to start a spoken word tour beginning in mid-February.

Boston-based group Orangutang have just signed to Imago Records, and are described as possessing the aggressive intensity of Helmet with the clever pop sensibility of Robyn Hitchcock. Their debut EP will be released in the spring of '93.

Early '80's punk band Flipper, who recently reformed and just did a tour with GWAR, are releasing a new album on the Def American label titled "American Graffishy." Def American will also be re-releasing their classic album titled "Generic."

Soon to be released from Megaforce Records will be the reunited M.O.D. with a new album titled "Rhythm of Fear."

Ice Cube and Ice-T will be teaming up for a new video. In the works for the future is an HBO show hosted by Ice-T and titled "Ice-TV." The show will feature Ice-T and guests. WATCH FOR IT!

David Bowie is teaming up once again with producer Nile Rogers and is expected to have a new solo album soon. Bowie has joined the new BMG distributed Savage Records.

Cool-G-Rap and DJ Polos third LP "Live and Let Die" was rejected by Warner Brothers Records and now must be independently distributed.

Avant garde beatnick Tom Waite is working on the soundtrack for "The Black Ride" which he wrote in 1990 with William S. Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson. While you're waiting for that, check out the new Tom Waite's album entitled "Bone Machine."

FU-2 were cut by MCA Records for their song "No Head, No Backstage Pass." A protest was launched by female MCA staffers and a feminist group.

Former Queen guitarist Brian May has recently put together a solo band with the legendary Cozy Powell on drums. Look for them to be opening for Guns 'N Roses in February.

Look out for the Jane's Addiction LP titled "Live and Rare," on Warner Brothers Records. The LP will feature live performances and unreleased 'Jane's' rarities. And if that ain't enough for you 'Jane's' fans, Perry Farrell's new band Porno For Pyros soon will be releasing their new album.

New out on Century Media Records is the death band Comecon. Their album is titled "Mega Trends in Brutality." Other new releases from Century Media includes one from Asphyx entitled "Last One On Earth."

Metal Blade Records has recently secured the rights to re-issue five classic Thin Lizzy titles on CD. Beginning in April of '93, the label will re-issue the albums "Black Rose," "China Town," "Renegade," "Thunder & Lightning," and "Life-Live."

The original Black Sabbath recently re-united, ironically opening for Ozzy Osbourne on the last two dates of his "No More Tours" tour. Instead of Dio as the lead man for Sabbath, one Rob Halford filled in for both shows. Following Ozzy's performance the crowd was treated to 45 minutes to an hour of the original Black Sabbath with Ozzy doing the vocals accompanied by Tony Iommi, "Geezer" Butler and Bill Ward. The original lineup was also inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk for their significant contributions to the evolution of Rock 'n' Roll as a universal art form. The hand prints and signatures of the original Black Sabbath were immortalized in marble to the cheers of hundreds of fans.

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