I appreciate the good work you are doing to stop censorship. I do want to comment on The Source Raps Billboard (ROC #8) in which the thinly veiled pro-censorship stance of Billboard magazine was exposed. Censorship in any form is wrong and dangerous to our continued freedom. However, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to buy a record or support a cause, and I think The Source's senior editor missed the boat when he went on from criticizing censorship to defending Ice Cube's racist, sexist and pro-violence messages. I love Rap and have since hearing "the message" in about 1980. I think Ice Cube's tracks are hot and his rap is witty, but his message often sucks. It's time for Ice Cube, NWA, Geto Boys, Hi-C, Black Sheep, etc., to show they can keep cranking out good music but put out a creative message that doesn't perpetuate the myths that misogyny, hatred and violence will solve anything. Sure, rap is the language of the streets, but rap a message that is true and will serve the interest of your listeners.

R. Theis
Columbus, OH

If James Bernard wants to respond, or anyone from The Source, we welcome it. ed.

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