By: Doktor Tim

Who killed John Lennon? Space aliens? Probably not, but who actually did control the mind that pulled the trigger finger of Mark David Chapman that ugly night in 1980 when he used a Charter Arms .38 Special to blow John Lennon away.

Mark Chapman--another "lone deranged gunman"? If you stop and think a minute, it is somewhat amazing how these sociopathic assassins (Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray come immediately to mind) are able to travel long distances, obtain weapons, pay expensive hotel bills and determine the precise locations of their victims, all with no organized network, and with no visible means of support. And with mental problems, to boot.

Was Chapman 'working alone'? If so, after working at minimum-wage as a maintenance man in Hawaii, how was he able to undertake an extended vacation around the world in 1978, then return to Hawaii. then fly to New York, take up residence in a plush hotel and spend weeks stalking John Lennon? Aside from the money question, there are serious irregularities regarding his plane tickets used to get him from Hawaii to N.Y. Moreover, acquaintances remember him as a born-again Christian with no particular interest in either the music of The Beatles or of John Lennon. Curiouser and curiouser. There are other difficulties with the evidence, inconsistencies too numerous to mention here, as well as suspicious activities in his past. Is it just possible that Mark David Chapman was a bit different than the popular myth would lead us to believe? Was his motive for killing John Lennon really so superficial as a desire to become famous or to be known as the "catcher in the rye" of his generation? Or was this just the cover for machinations of more sinister intent?

"Brainwashing" or mind control, is not a new concept, it has been a household word since the Korean War. By the '50's, the KGB, the CIA and probably at least a dozen other intelligence agencies worldwide were pouring billions into mind control research. In 1959, Richard Condon published a novel "The Manchurian Candidate" with a plot that involved brainwashing an American P.O.W. to kill the President. Indeed, nearly a thousand years ago, Hassan I Sabbah, "the Old Man of the Mountain," used mind control to program the Arab fanatics of his "Order of the Assassins" to carry out murders of his political rivals.

Just as technology has advanced in quantum leaps since the time of Hassan I Sabbah, so has the business of mind control. The techniques have evolved far beyond the simple methods of hypnosis and/or drugs. As the techniques have been refined, so have the ways of fine-tuning individual behavior in accordance with the will of the controller. Is it just possible that there was a faction, a group of individuals to whom John Lennon presented a threat? Or was perceived as a threat to their secret agenda, as someone who might upset their political applecart? Was Mark Chapman their operative? There is evidence that suggests this is so.

John Lennon was, clearly, obviously, a political revolutionary as well as a musical genius. Just prior to his death, his musical and political popularity were again soaring. After a long hiatus, Lennon had authored a hit album and was again speaking out on political issues. He was investigated, surveilled and wiretapped by the FBI, CIA and others. Was he considered dangerous? Dangerous enough to require that he be gotten out of the way--with extreme prejudice?

In cases like this--homicide under mysterious circumstances--it is often useful to apply the old Latin question: Cui Bono?--who profits? Assuming for one moment that the motive in killing John Lennon (as with so many others) was to stifle-or terminate-free expression and those who espouse and encourage it, then who had the most to gain, who could have profited most from the death of John Lennon? Obviously, those elements in our society whose most fervent wish is that everyone will just shut-up and sit down, and let these self-appointed elitists tell us what to think, what to say, what we should like, and what is "really" best for us.

Note: Here, we have barely scratched the surface concerning the curious events surrounding the death of John Lennon. Those interested in a more complete examination of the circumstances of John Lennon's death should read "Who Killed John Lennon" by Fenton Bresler, published by St. Martins paperbacks.

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