By: John Woods

Dave Marsh, author, music critic and editor of ROCK & ROLL CONFIDENTIAL, is one of those rare public figures, who, when it comes to dealing with the censors, says Forget the niceties--let's have at these SWINE! R.O.C. recently talked with Dave about the upcoming elections and other subjects....

"First of all, what are the standards Mrs. Gore maintains for her own children? On July 16 The New York Post ran a story saying that in an AP interview held on the 15th Tipper Gore acknowledged that her children have rap music in their record collection. So her kids can have the music and my kids can't. This is not the work of a Democrat, this is the work of a Nazi. Secondly I've been trying to figure out all week if Danny Goldberg is a rat, a weasel, or a skunk. Apparently he admits saying only part of it, but he does admit saying that Mrs. Gore isn't a problem. Well Mrs. Gore hasn't been a problem for several years because she won you fucking moron. Danny needs his ass blistered. Of course Tipper hasn't been a problem for a while because she got everything she wanted, why should she be a problem. When the 'Tipper Stickers,' and we call them that for a reason right, have come up as a problem and people have been busted for selling records because they're stickered, has Tipper Gore stuck up for those people and said 'Hey that isn't what the stickers are for,' no she's been dead silent. When people can't get their records, when a kid can't get his favorite metal act or favorite rap act, can he count on Tipper Gore to stand up for his rights to hear music? No he can't. Of course Tipper Gore is the problem, Tipper Gore is evil. She's evil precisely because she talks out of both sides of her mouth.

I think the other thing to look at here is that this is not only an insult to music fans, which it very definitely is, but it's a way for the right-wing people who control the Democratic Party today to tell all of us, you, me, Jesse Jackson, rap fans, all of us, if you don't like the way things are going down and you want to have a voice in affairs, get the fuck out and stay out! We don't want you in our Party if you want to have power like Bill Clinton has, we don't want you in our Party if you want to have a say in how your country or even your own personal life is run. We have a right to come into your Walkman and take whatever is in it out, we have the right to come into your house and tell you what you will think and won't think, we have the right to come into your car and take things out of your car stereo (which police in New York do), and we will stand on those rights and you don't have any. That's what this is really all about. That's the message Tipper sends.

The other thing is that this has been set up and a lot of people buy this baloney logic that Tipper and Al Gore are supposed to counter Dan Quayle on this family values issue. Well they don't counter him. When you counter something you provide an alternative to it, you contradict it. What the appointment of Tipper and Al Gore to this ticket does in fact, it says that Dan Quayle is right about everything. It says that Bill Clinton agrees with everything that Dan Quayle has said. And certainly we know that Tipper agrees with everything he's said. Al Gore has even said in the papers that he doesn't have any personal quarrel with Dan Quayle. Well I do, and therefore I won't vote for you, you weasel-dick motherfucker. You know if Danny Goldberg and Al Gore get in bed together they can hump away merrily, but they ain't gonna make me a part of this and they should not make anyone who loves music a part of this orgy of self-congratulation that's just gonna wind up in censorship and victimization of millions of people. You got one guy on this ticket for the Democrats who charters a plane to go execute a brain damaged human being. You got the other guy and his wife who wants to tell us what records we can't listen to. You got the other ticket with a guy who wants to tell Rosanne Barr how to sing the National Anthem, and the other guy worries about what fictional characters are pregnant. Fuck all of them!

I'll tell you what, I could go to a rap or metal concert tonight and I could pick out of the audience at random 435 people to make up a House of Representatives, a hundred more to be Senators, one to be President and one to be Vice President, nine to be the Supreme Court and we could run this country with more justice more peace and equality. That's what we need to be worrying about, we need to be worrying about how we can get decent people in instead of liars and censors.

There's another way to go about this election that I don't think people are thinking about. In your community, my community and every community in-between there's people running for everything from dog catcher to U.S. Senator who need to be elected or thrown out. Where there are good people, people should go and vote. I feel that Jello Biafra's position of ignoring the top two slots on the ballot is a wise piece of advice at this point. Then we need to sit down with our friends and start figuring out what we can do to start building something that gives us a choice next time, because there is no choice this time. You're being confronted with only evil people and it seems to me that we just got to start asking ourselves some hard questions about why it is that we come up every four years against this lack of choice.

The other issue that people got to start taking seriously is whether in fact they want our involvement. I think one of the things the Tipper Gore thing is about is a way of saying that if you're a music fan, we don't care if you vote or not. We don't care, we don't particularly want you in this process. This process is only for veteran politicians like Bill Clinton and Al Gore. We don't want you, we don't want your involvement, we don't want you John Woods, we don't want you Dave Marsh, we don't want you Jello Biafra, we don't want you Ice-T, to hell with all of you, and to hell with what you stand for. I find myself wondering why I'm so upset with a political process that I haven't believed in for 30 years anyway. And I think that I have never felt that the message coming at me was not only don't bother, but fuck you. I think a lot of that came out of the Sister Souljah thing, which to me was a way of saying no matter what lies we do tell, because you know Sister Souljah was being beat on by the Rainbow people pretty good to change her attitudes, right. And Clinton knew it, he knew it. And the fact is that was just a way of saying you get the hell out, and everybody that you represent you get out too. And Tipper's a way of saying Ozzy and everyone you represent, you get the hell out too. And that's what I think people are gonna do. It's stupid on the Democrats part because even with Perot out, if people don't vote it's gonna hurt them. Most of the Perot people were protest votes against both parties not just against Bush, and it's been predicted that most of them will now not vote.

So Dave, what is your bottom line advice concerning the elections in '92?

We've got to start building something for the future. We need a candidate and a party, we need to create some choice, real choice, not between Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber, not between Mr. Censor and Mr. Almost A Censor, but real choice. Until we have some, I feel people should refuse to participate in the process and right now I don't feel we have anything that's even remotely connected to choice this time.

What about the people who say we should just vote for Bush because at least we know what we got?

Well we do know what we got and if that's not evil enough for you then I don't know what to tell you. That doesn't work for me, I don't see where it accomplishes anything. Maybe it does for Luther Campbell in some sense cause he's a rich person and it'll help him with his taxes. I don't mean that with any real disrespect for Luther, but the fact is that's not the message I want to send. I want to send something about hope, freedom and the stuff that's in the music. I'll just leave it there because that's not just what I see, it just don't strike me as intelligent tactics.

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