By: Joseph P. Cunningham

Little Donny Wildmon and his deceptively named American Family Association have been working diligently to annihilate freedom of speech. Here's some free financial advice:

If Wildmon's success rate continues at its current level, buy stock in gag and blindfold companies. Knowing this guy, you'll double your money rather fast.

"Pfizer, Sears ads uphold homosexuality, sick sex 'humor' in CBS series." --Headline for a story about the CBS sitcom DESIGNING WOMEN in the AFA Journal. Sponsor's addresses were given for convenient boycotting.

"Why have CBS officials gone all over the country accusing us of censorship? --Donald Wildmon

"Penthouse magazine has sued your American Family Association. ...Penthouse claims it is free to print whatever it wants. ...In reality, this is an attack on you and your right to free speech."--Wildmon, in a letter to AFA members.

"Will you give a special contribution so we can defend ourselves from Penthouse?" --$$Wildmon$$, same letter

Keep a sharp watch out for these AFA creeps. They are trying to worm their way into many a community. Help us beat them back by keeping us posted of any AFA activities in your area. Contact the R.O.C. HQ.

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