By: Randy Payton

Anti-Censorship activists from throughout the U.S. came together August 8th at Chicken's Nite Club in Midvale, Ohio for a Rock & Roll Confidential/R.O.C. sponsored Anti-Censorship War Council. Organizers and artists from Boston, Chicago, Florida, L.A., N.Y.C., Missouri, Kansas City, Western PA and Athens, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, participated in free-wheeling discussion aimed at hammering out strategy and tactics for dealing with the self-appointed Kulchur Inquisitors in the upcoming Fall season of this Election Year 1992.

No consensus could be reached as per the Electoral Question. While there was no love evidenced by any of the attendees for the openly pro-censorship Bush or his Secretary of State's wife, PMRC co-founder Susan Baker, it was difficult, on principle, for some attendees to cast a vote for Al "married-to-you-know-who" Gore, either. Those deciding to vote for the Democratic ticket, like the present writer, said they were doing so pragmatically. (There are simply other issues determining this decision than our despising the accursed Tipper Gore--Woman's Right to Choose, National Health Care--to say nothing of keeping the Nazi repubs from attacking the Supreme Court with even more hostile-to-the-First Amendment cro-magnons.) However, a political principle/strategy it seemed everyone ratified by their whoops and clapping was that of the necessity to continue building Mass Mobilization for Free Expression--by way of all of our publications and other media, actions and conferences like this War Council, etc.--as the ultimate means by which we're going to keep the would-be censors--the opportunistic politicians, fundamentalist maniacs, etc.--at bay.

It was on the basis of this principle, in fact, that those gathered unanimously ratified a resolution calling for an action in Washington, D.C. on October 30th, by which we can turn in (en masse) our anti-record labeling petitions to the RIAA, rally in front of the PMRC's office in Arlington and possibly wrap up the day with an anti-censorship benefit show in D.C. in the evening--an ambitious scenario, to be sure, the details of which is still being ironed out at this writing (see Editorial, "No Sleep Til D.C.)

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