Opponents of the First Amendment try to link "Pornography," or the visual imagery of sex, with the criminal acts of child molestation, forcible rape, and other crimes of violence.

FACT: There is simply no cause-and-effect link between sex and violence. Countries with the most restrictions on sexual expression have the most sex crimes.

FACT: There is NO scientific evidence that sexual expression causes forcible rape, child molestation, or sex crime. Most reliable and unbiased studies show that rapists and child molesters come from sexually repressive environments and had below average exposure to pornography during adolescence.

FACT: In countries where sexual expression is not banned (such as Sweden and Denmark) there are fifty percent FEWER sex-related crimes of violence.

(Source: "Evaluating Social Consequences or Erotic Films"; "Exposure to Erotic Stimuli and Sexual Deviance"; and "Is Pornography A Problem?", Journal of Social Issues. Vol. 28, No. 3)

FACT: The most sexually restrictive societies have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy: The United States has the highest, THREE TIMES higher than in Sweden, where sex is dealt with more openly.

(Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute)


Don't stand by while liberty is gagged, censored and repressed! Stand up for your rights. We are Adults, not children! GET INVOLVED!

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Repressive extremists would have you believe there is some useful purpose for censorship. For adults in a free society, there is NONE. Self-appointed censors would say or do anything to keep you from reading, seeing, and hearing what they don't want you to know. Why, after seeing something, should someone else decide whether or not you can see it too? THEY HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT--YOU HAVE NOT! What do they think? That they're better than you, smarter than you, holier than you? You can make up your own mind, just like they did! IN ORDER TO CENSOR SOMETHING, THE CENSORS HAVE TO HAVE SEEN IT FIRST.

WHO THE HELL ARE THEY to tell what you can or cannot see? As an adult you have the right to decide for yourself! It's time for us to stand up to these self-righteous hypocrites and clearly state that WE WILL NOT BE BULLIED OUT OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES. Please help support the concept of free expression before it is taken from you. Call (813) 870-FREE.

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