By: Kirby Stokes


The hard-core motherfucker ICE-T is back! This should be the soundtrack for the riots in L.A. Backed by homeys BODY COUNT they proceed to rip & shred both lyrically and musically. Standouts are "BODY COUNT," "VOODOO," "THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD," MOMMA'S GOTTA DIE TONIGHT," and of course, "COP KILLER." BODY COUNT consist of Ernie C. on lead guitar, D-Roc on rhythm guitar, Mooseman on bass and Beatmaster "V" on drums and they are immaculate. If you've never like ICE-T, this one might change your mind. If not, fuck you! You're brain-dead anyway. ICE-T transcends any musical genres. A masterpiece! This one's for you Tip!

"The Earth Is Flat"

Great stuff from New Jersey. Imagine Henry Rollins surrounded by a few Priest like riffs and that's what you have. These guys are hard to peg-down musically, but vocalist Mark Ryan is a definite Rollins disciple as well as lyrically. He loves to pick apart the human psyche. Cool songs are "WHAT IF?," "ANYTHING IT TAKES," "DETECTIVES," and "THE PAINTED SKY." Great new band.

"Teeth" (EP)

This band from Nottingham, England are in my opinion along with the last band featured in this review, MY DYING BRIDE, among the bright new acts in a sometimes boring scene. This is the follow up to their brutal classic debut "HATE SONGS IN E MINOR." Led by guitarist/vocalist Alex Newport, he gets the biggest KRUNCH for one guitarist since the likes of Iommi/Hetfield. Rounded out by bassist Dave Riley and drummer Adrian Parkin. Check out the first three tracks, "TEETH," "S.R.T." and "SHIT FOR BRAINS." Simply devastating! Pack 'em in for FUDGE TUNNEL!!!!

"America Must Be Destroyed"
(Metal Blade)

Sick! Disgusting! Gross! These elite warriors from way beyond Uranus wouldn't have it any other way. It all takes off with "HAM ON THE BONE," a MOTORHEAD like ditty. "HAVE YOU SEEN ME?" deals with the missing children dilemma in a twisted angle. "THE MORALITY SQUAD," tells the story of Tipper Gore's & Susan Baker's idols Edna P. Granbo and her zany relatives Corporal Punishment & Tiny. "AMERICA MUST BE DESTROYED" is a MINISTRY like instrumental with voice samplings ranging from Ollie North to "Tricky Dick" Nixon. "ROCK 'N' ROLL NEVER FELT SO GOOD" just goes to prove there's someone for everybody, even for a SCUMDOG, and even if it's a quadraplechick. "THE ROAD BEHIND" sounds like a G 'n' R spoof, is so touching I went through an entire box of Kleenex just listening to it. "PUSSY PLANET" is the last track. The intro is another spoof, this time it's NIRVANA's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Check out Beefcake the Mighty's wails on this one, all in one breath! A great album, but not quite "SCUMDOGS OF THE UNIVERSE." (special thanks to Eddie for giving me the opportunity to hear it on CD before I could purchase it on cassette. RIPTORN FRONTMAN! IRON MAIDEN RULES MAN!)

"The End Complete"

One of the few bands, along with ATHEIST (METAL BLADE) that actually have the balls to take our (R.O.C.) flyers out on the road with them. The Obies take you on a deadly riff-a-rama. Led by guitarist Trevor Peres and Allen West and backed by Frank Watkins on bass, brothers John & Donald Tardy, vocals & drums respectively. Songs that standout are "IN THE END OF LIFE," "KILLING TIME," and the title track/video "THE END COMPLETE." Although John Tardy's vocals can be somewhat nerve racking, it's a good album, nonetheless. Buy or see ya in the Obituaries.


AAAH! That fresh mountain air. The AMEBAS, along with CAMPAIGN OF HATE, are part of a blossoming West Virginia scene (record companies take notice!). Hailing from Weston, WV, these high school kidz show that you don't have to be from N.Y.C. or L.A. to put out great music. Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Josh Wanstreet, the AMEBAS tear through tunes like "THE PUNISHER," (good choice). Led intro of "6FT" to the simple, yet way full of feeling "CRUSH" (my favorite). You can mosh your ass off to this one. Food for thought concerning aliens and the mysterious man in black on "XENOPHOBE." (remember the Silver Bridge?) The rest of the band includes Mike Stamper on guitar, Nelson Bates on bass and Paul Lamb behind the kit. Anyone wishing to correspond or buy the 11 track demo should write to: SCREAMING AMEBAS c/o Nelson Bates, Rt. #3, Box 253Y, Weston, WV 26452. The tape is yours for $6.00

"Inhuman Condition"

Typical death metal fare with a couple of interesting exceptions. Ex-VENOM main man, bass God Cronos guests on their cover of the old VENOM chestnut "WARHEAD." Cronos has been too quiet for too long. Guitarist Rick Rozz has some great whammy leads on "WARHEAD," and "PROVOKED ACCURSER." Vocalist Kam Lee is just your typical Johnny-one grunt. The rest of the band is good, especially drummer Bill Andrews. Now if VENOM reformed (not the cheesy shit that they call VENOM now) we'd be talking. It would be a dream (nightmare). As Cronos would say, "YYEEAAHH!!"

"Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium"

Simply put this stuff is Godly! I can't stress that any more. If you like heaviness personified, this is for you. They know exactly when to cut into you like a surgeon with a time change. AAAAH!! If you can find this three track CD it would be well worth your Donero's. This is surely not rabbits on speed, run of the mill Death Metal. I feel they are the be-all, end-all of the Grindcore acts (along with Fudge Tunnel & Helmet). This is the heaviest, most riff-laden material since TROUBLE's debut, and it even leaves that in the dust! Deep low vocals permeate this work along with an extremely tight rhythm section. Deep also applies to the lyrics, philosophical especially on the title track, a twelve-minute opus (once you get past the symphony intro) It's well worth the price of admission in itself (a masterpiece) let alone tracks "GOD IS ALONE" and "DE SADE SOLILOQUY." Beautiful!!! Hailing from North Yorkshire England, MY DYING BRIDE consist of Aaron (vocals), Andy (guitar/keyboards), Calvin (guitar), Ade (bass), Rick (drums) and Martin (violin). This band defies any preconceived notions of Doom/Death Metal/Grindcore. Conjuring shades of a Sweet Kiss or Death's final grip, equating the two. Their debut LP "As The Flower Withers" will be out in July.

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