By: John Woods

What common connection can be made between OLLIE NORTH, the drug-smuggling, gun running Ex-Marine Colonel of Iran/Contragate fame, and JACK THOMPSON, the kooky Florida attorney who made 2 Live Crew a household word? The answer: their racist hatred for militant/tell it like it is Rap Music. As we go to press, we've learned that "Contra-Ollie" and "Wacko-Jacko" are heading to Boston to spearhead an attack on both national and local Rap artists.

North, who heads the ultra, ultra rightwing FREEDOM ALLIANCE has stepped in to aid the Boston Police Patrolman's Association (BPPA) in a lawsuit they are seeking to file against Time Warner, Ice-T and local Boston rappers Almighty RSO. North has appointed FREEDOM ALLIANCE attorney Jack Thompson to mastermind the case.

Digging up some obscure old sedition law that has been on the Massachusetts books for decades Thompson will claim that Time Warner, Ice-T and RSO violated a state law that prohibits the distribution of material that "advocates, advises, councils or incites assaults on any public official or the killing of any person." The BPPA and attorney Thompson will also seek an injunction to stop any song that talks about killing cops from being sold in Massachusetts.

Time Warner and Ice-T are being targeted over the "Cop Killer" track on the Body Count album despite the removing of the track by Ice-T. Roxbury rappers RSO are named in the suit because of their hit single "One In The Chamba" on Tommy Boy Records (a subsidiary of Time Warner). The rap is about the Boston police murdering 16 year old Christopher Rogers and 25 year old Nathaniel Lackland. The song's refrain warns to keep "one (bullet) in the chamba," as protection against "killer-cops."

Suspected pressure from the Boston Police, Freedom Alliance and Time Warner itself is believed to be the reason behind Tommy Boy Records decision to drop RSO and refuse renewal of their contract.

We plan to have more on the events in Boston in the next issue of THE ROC. Anyone seeking immediate updates are urged to contact Jim or Bob at the BOSTON COALITION FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION by calling (617) 497-7193.

R.O.C. suggests that now with "Contra-Ollie" and "Wacko-Jacko" on the scene a couple more rounds best be put in the chamba, in fact, we'd better lock and load a whole damn clip.

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