"Freedom of the Press belongs to the person who owns one," goes the old adage. Because of advancements in technology making offset printing within reach for more citizens, photocopiers for those smaller run (yet effective) newsletters and fanzines. Computer laser printers allowing people to bypass expensive typesetting, etc., greater and greater numbers of people are storming the gates of the Media Citadel.

We are today experiencing a renaissance in People's Media. You say you don't like the monopoly the corporate press and radio stations have over the news? Well, start your own paper! Start your own radio station! Hell, start your own TV station! (But we're getting ahead of ourselves, that's for another issue.) Media in the hands of the "little guy" is what the 90's are all about. The Punk "do-it-yourself" spirit is part of a uniquely American spirit, spanning from Ben Franklin's Old Farmer's Almanac through the "Underground Press" of the 60's right up to the Pirate Media Movement (of which THE ROC is proud to be a part) today.

We initiate this first installment of PIRATE MEDIA with how to get started in the exciting world of Pirate Radio...


One of the best books available on starting and operating a pirate radio station is RADIO IS MY BOMB (A DIY Manual for Pirates) by the Radio Support Group/Free the Airwaves. The authors are from the U.K. but their info, covering everything from site security to transmitter construction, is applicable anywhere. "Bomb" advises, "Your longer term aim, as a pirate, should be to reach a situation where you have so much support (money, volunteers, transmitters, listener support, etc.) that the state just cannot wipe you out at will. The best hope for pirates is to swamp the forces of repression by sheer numbers, as happened in different times, in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and now it seems in Spain. This does not imply chaos, but cooperation, federations and sharing of the available airwaves and times." $6.95 ($8.60 postpaid) from Left Bank Distribution, 4142 Brooklyn NE, Seattle, WA 98105, PH: 206-632-5870.


In the town where I live, a few miles from R.O.C. headquarters, the area's youths have got a "scene" going where hundreds of them congregate along the twin cities boulevard to talk, play rock & rap, romance, and show off their hot rods. Now, the cops are working out ways to harass them off the street, exaggerating cases of "vandalism," etc. If the cops and merchants would spend less time on the kids' backs and more time helping construct alternatives with the kids to participate in, we'd all benefit, but no. Whereas "Cop Killer" or even NWA's "Fuck The Police" is probably a bit "much" for the kids to take up as a clarion call in the mostly white-bread social terrain that is New Philadelphia-Dover, the sentiments of the great movie PUMP UP THE VOLUME - "Talk Hard," etc.- couldn't be more 'on target.'

PUMP is recommended viewing for youth's suffering the confines of similar environments, youths considering a calling in Pirate Radio, or best yet, both.


R.O.C. is now offering 60-minute programs on cassettes of anti-censorship news and analysis, music, poetry, and comedy to radio stations (pirate, commercial, college) to broadcast as part of your station's programming. The first program, available around mid-September will feature broadcast (and updated) versions of many of the stories found in THE ROC, as well as interviews with luminaries Jello Biafra, Dave Marsh and others. The second program, scheduled for October, will be our fun-filled "All Hallows' Eve" edition, featuring interviews with The Cramps, GWAR and (tentatively) Alice Cooper, all about the Save Halloween! Movement, and more...

The cost of the Radio ROC program is $20 per month for commercial stations, $15 for college stations and a sliding scale for pirates. Write or call R.O.C. for more info.

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