By: John Woods

When ROC's Florida Main Man Kenny Moore got a call from Guns N' Roses management in late May asking if ROC would be interested in setting up anti-censorship booths along Summer's G N' R/METALLICA tour, Kenny's resourceful spirit kicked in big time. This was, after all, a golden opportunity to "get the word out" to innumerable, hard-core rock fans as well as raise funds (through sales of THE ROC, anti-censorship T-shirts and stickers) for R.O.C. to use in fighting the Good Fight. The determined 24-year old Kenny quickly overcame monetary and other obstacles which would have caused the less resourceful to say "fuck it."

Gathering together the transportation and funds needed to make the 25 city, 8 week, cross country trek, within weeks Kenny and fellow Road Warrior Dave Bartee were on the road to Washington, D.C., New York, Detroit, Indianapolis, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh, spreading the message of militant, pro-free expression throughout the land. With help from ROC chapters and other grass roots anti-censorship groups wherever the tour has touched down, Kenny and Dave have collected thousands of names on the Right To Rock petition, sold shirts and stickers, hawked THE ROC as well as distributing free materials from groups such as: People For The American Way, First Freedom, Friends of the First Amendment and the National Coalition Against Censorship.

"At these booths, we hope to educate fans about some of the things going on in this country that prides itself on freedom. We urge fans who attend these shows to stop by the booth and support the cause," says Kenny and Dave.

R.O.C. wants to thank all the people who helped with their wallets to make it possible for us to undertake such an endeavor as a major U.S. tour. We especially thank all who responded to the fund-raising flyer that was mailed out by RRC. You were the only support that we got. We offered 28 major record labels a chance to reach thousands through ads in a special issue of THE ROC that could have numbered 250,000 copies for this tour, a real marketing bonanza we thought. We regret to report that not one label, large or small, responded to our offer. Once again we found out that a grass-roots movement like R.O.C. can only rely on the hard-core fans for support. Unlike most of the labels, who can talk a good anti-censorship line until it comes to putting some money where their mouths are, these fans who supported us don't talk out of both sides of their mouths. They are well aware of the importance of this fight.

The whole financial future of R.O.C. is on the line with doing this tour, but such an opportunity could not be passed-up, so the dice were tossed and the gamble made. We could end up losing our ass but we can proudly say "we did this tour totally on our own, and we got material into the hands of thousands, so all of the "anti-censorship hypocrites" within the music industry can keep talking shit while we and the fans who have put you in your New York and L.A. Ivory Towers (through buying your albums) are out here really doing something to change things.

A Special Thanks To The Following People Who Helped Make It Possible For R.O.C. To Tour With Guns N' Roses

W. Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Gilby Clarke, Dizzy Reed, Doug Goldstein, Tom Maher, Amy Bailey, The Ritz Theater in Tampa (Greg, Berta, Jill), First Freedom, Keith Collins & Brian Medlin on "The Pit," Eulogy, Burial, Krunch, Cirrhosis, Naphobia, and Disfigurehead (Death Before Censorship), Shawn Phipps, Eva Moore, Jenny & Wes, Frank at Ace's Records (No Corporate BS--Just Metal Up Your Ass!), V-32, Chris, Jim and all at Thrust Magazine, David Greene, Stan Szymanski, Barbara Muir, Kathy Madden, Colin Chellman, Karen Marie Haas, Sheila Julson, John Fix III, Lisa A. Carbone, Mark Stepakoff, D. Wolff, David Ginsburg, Katy Coleman, Beckey Moad, Michael J. Steiner, Tom Johnson, Amy Fisher, Frederick Mulhauser, John Bognar, Tim Guilfoile, Jim Raymond, Dale Preston, Kent Beyda, William Baldwin, Kurt Berchtold, John Benda, Larisa Price, Richard Piedmonte, Ritch Esra, J. Capalbo, Pamela Yates (Skylight Pictures), Carl R. Bracken, Jr., Dean Landew, Vivian Stock-Hendel, Dale Jones, Mark Staley, Jared Rutter, Kevin Laffey (Warner Brothers Records), Jim McNamara (in memory of Greg Breeding), Matt Burrows, Janina Austin, Californians Against Censorship Together (CAL-ACT), Rock & Roll Confidential, Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression, Silvey & Co., and everyone else who has shown us coolness in the past. To all others...Fuck You!!! We did it anyway!


Lollapalooza II is a gas! The brain-child of Perry Farrell (ex-Jane's Addiction now of Porno For Pyros), this year's festival had it all: Sideshows, "Smart Drink" booths, an art exhibit...and then of course there was the great, great music by Ministry, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Ice-Cube, Soundgarden, Lush and Pearl Jam. R.O.C. was on hand with booths at Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, and Orlando Festivals, where we collected signatures for the anti-label petitions, distributed ROC's and talked to hundreds of rock & rap fans politicized by the issue of censorship of their music. We can't imagine a more exciting Festival and look forward to Lollapalooza III...

Coming Attractions

Aug. 23: R.O.C. sets up at LOLLAPALOOZA II at Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando, FL. Stop by our booth.

Aug. 29: R.O.C. table at the OZZY OSBOURNE concert, Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, OH. Try to throw us out this time, we're guests of the OZ.

Oct. 1: R.O.C. in Columbus, OH for the showing of the anti-censorship film EMMA & ELVIS and to help kick off new R.O.C. chapter at OU. 7:00 p.m. at Wexler Center.

Oct. 6: R.O.C. participates in CLEVELAND MUSIC GROUP anti-censorship forum. For more info call: Jim Clevo at (216) 941-0083.

Oct. 30: R.O.C. takes Washington, D.C. by storm, government resigns in disgrace. For more info call: (740) 946-2011.

Oct. 31: MEGADETH/BODY COUNT U.S. tour begins. Watch for R.O.C. booth at Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida shows.

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