By: John Woods

Over the past few months we have gathered thousands of names on the RIGHT TO ROCK NETWORK (of which R.O.C. is a member) petition calling on the Music Industry to "TAKE THE WARNING LABELS OFF THE ALBUMS." It is our position that the labels (Tipper Stickers) only purpose is to criminalize certain forms of popular music, especially Metal and Rap. Therefore, we support the call for their immediate removal. Hardly a show goes by where we don't have long lines of music fans waiting to sign.

Many have wondered what we intend to do with all the names we have collected. We can now tell you! At the Ohio Anti-Censorship War Council held August 8 in Midvale, Ohio, members of the R.O.C. delegation put forth a proposal calling for A Day Of Action Against the PMRC and Censorship to be centered in Washington D.C. on October 30th (Halloween Eve). The events of the day include a rally at the offices of the PMRC in Arlington, Virginia, and a rally at the headquarters of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to present them with the anti-labeling petitions. Our demands at both events will be short and precise: "TOTAL DISBANDING OF THE PMRC" and "TAKE THE WARNING LABELS OFF THE RECORDS."

The participants of the Ohio War Council voted overwhelmingly in support of R.O.C.'s proposal. R.O.C. was designated as the communications center for all information regarding the action. There are still some logistics to be ironed out and further information will be soon sent out from R.O.C. HQ. A "Solidarity/Benefit Show" to be held at a local D.C. venue and involving local D.C. bands is being proposed to end the day's activities. The work on setting this up has already begun.

We encourage as many music fans and anti-censorship warriors as possible to join us in D.C. for this important action. If you can't make it, we hope you will show your support by organizing action in your home town on the same day. If you have a local record outlet that won't sell "stickered albums" or one that ID's people under 18 before sales, or who restricts your right to buy the music you want in any way, get a group together and picket these establishments demanding an immediate stop to these practices. Some suggested targets are: CAMELOT, SAM GOODY'S, MUSICLAND, TRANSWORLD, NATIONAL RECORD MART, K-MART and WAL-MART. Hold an anti-censorship rally in your town or at your school. Contact local bands and local clubs about doing an anti-censorship show or a benefit show for R.O.C. The possibilities of what you can do on the local level are endless. Use your imagination, be creative!

Anyone interested in participating either in D.C. or organizing at the local level should contact me here at R.O.C. HQ to sign-up and get more info. Once all the specific details are all finalized, info packets will be sent out to all.


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