By: Randy Lee Payton

There's a new wave of free sexual expression afoot in the land! I refer to the growing current of artists and videographers, writers and photographers communicating what's going on in their sexual lives. Sure, this trend isn't going to please Jesse Helms and Donald Wildmon. But then the motto of our upstart anti-censorship movement isn't anything if it isn't "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!"

There's "Post-Porn Modernist" Annie Sprinkle--whose performance art shows wow 'em on both sides of the Atlantic.

There's a host of outrageous new sex publications out like Dew U. Care's SLUT MAG (147 Second Ave., #207, NYC, NY 10003) and Lily Braindrop's TASTE OF LATEX (Box 460122, SF, CA 94146)--publishing the kind of raw, personal prose, art and photography simply not found elsewhere.

Fresh sensibilities are expanding the scope of the traditional Porn Film Aesthetic as visionary directors like Candida Royalle step behind the X-rated movie camera, and as independent "amateur-produced" adult videos have become one of the hottest selling--and increasingly creative--genres on the market. Even the ivory tower of academia is having to take it on the chin these days--courtesy one Camille Paglia, Ph.D.--the up front pro-sex, pro-porn author of the ground-breaking book, SEXUAL PERSONA. It's a new day--much like when the Sexual Revolution first broke big time in the sixties and early to mid-seventies.

At the same time, however, the new Sexual Freedom Movement--together with citizens everywhere who back basic freedom of expression--face a vast array of forces marshalled against them.

Groups whose only openly-stated goal is a theocratic by-the-Bible-and-no-questions-asked government have created the largest, most orchestrated and most financed pro-censorship network in history (well, at least since Gobbels). These anti-sex groups use so-called "pornography" as their favored "straw man" against which to rally the unwitting.

The usual opportunistic politicians, croaking on about "preserving America's moral fiber from demon pornography" continue to throw up legislation aimed at gutting the First Amendment. Meanwhile, the Obscenity Unit within the U.S. Justice Dept. remains determined to bust up the adult film industry through periodic raids and intimidation (such as Senate 1521, the so-called Pornography Victims Compensation Act). Keep in mind these assaults are aimed at the FANS of adult entertainment as much as the producers--and ultimately at the rights of the rest of the adult citizenry too!

The Good News is that more and more citizens are organizing to send the would-be censors packing! The key to resecuring our Freedom to Self-Expression is the mobilization of grassroots, anti-censorship groups and individuals throughout the country.

AMMO: People looking to take the would-be censors HEAD-ON are encouraged to check out F.M. Christensen's book, PORNOGRAPHY: THE OTHER SIDE ($19.95 from Greenwood Publishing, 88 Post Rd. West, P.O. Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881). Arguing that the "anti-pornography campaigns themselves are morally evil," Christensen holds that the people promoting such campaigns are in fact the victims of "irrational attitudes" and "tragically mistaken beliefs about sex." This is an invaluable book for insights into the psychology of your garden variety censor!

Also, just out and highly recommended is the booklet SENSE AND CENSORSHIP; THE VANITY OF BONFIRES by Marcia Pally. The book uses documented studies on pornography to deftly lay waste to every cliche and every anti-porn argument.

Send an SASE with 75 cents in postage to SENSE AND CENSORSHIP, Americans for Constitutional Freedom, 900 Third Ave., NYC, NY 10022.

Dave Marsh's 50 WAYS TO FIGHT CENSORSHIP AND IMPORTANT FACTS TO KNOW ABOUT THE CENSORS ($5.95 from Thunder's Mouth Press, 54 Greene St., #45, NYC, NY 10013) is an excellent sourcebook of ideas and strategies for combatting the hardheads. Brenda Loew Tatelbaum's EIDOS newspaper, which besides featuring writings, photography and art from erotica's creative vanguard, contains vital info and an analysis of current censorship issues, as do the newsletters from Californians Against Censorship Together (CAL-ACT), Fans of X-Rated Entertainment (FOXE) and of course NOSE!

Until next time, don't let your meat loaf!

The above article by R.O.C.'s Randy Lee Payton originally appeared in the Winter '92 SEXUAL ENTHUSIAST, newsletter of the National Organization of Sexual Enthusiasts. N.O.S.E. was founded by Dr. Roger Libby, Ph.D. a champion of the fight against blue noses and blue pencils. To join N.O.S.E. for their newsletter, membership card and cool 'pro-sex' bumperstickers, send $20 to Box 8733, Atlanta, GA 30306.

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