By: Mike Heck

DON'T BLAME ME is quite possibly the most important video documentation a hard rock, metal, or even a punk fan, could own. This 100 minute documentary by Jeb Brian, chronicles John "OZZY" Osbourne's entire musical career thus far.

Included in this video are funny and interesting viewpoints from people who've worked with, and praised the "OZ"; like ex-BLACK SABBATH drummer, Bill Ward, Lemmy of MOTORHEAD, Alice Cooper, Lars Ulrich of METALLICA, Nikki Sixx/Mick Mars of MOTLEY CRUE, Joe Elliot of DEF LEPPARD and ...Jon Bon Jovi?..WHY!, and the "ever so comfortable one," Rick Rubin, and wife and manager Sharon Osbourne & children.

In some respects this video could be viewed as a SPINAL TAP revisited, because it shows the funny, serious and sometimes traumatic sides in the life of "OZ." There is footage touching on OZZY's long battle with drugs and alcohol, the "biting off the bat's head" incident, unreleased footage with RANDY RHOADS, infamous teen-suicide case involving the song SUICIDE SOLUTION and much more.

But, one of the most important aspects of the video would have to be the ultra-rare footage of OZZY's performances with the legendary BLACK SABBATH. There's no question that OZZY & SABBATH influenced a whole generation of hard rock/metal & some punk bands alike. BLACK SABBATH were the anti-hippies of their day and pioneered a devastatingly powerful doom-type sound. The proof is in the inclusion of BLACK SABBATH classics, starting with N.I.B., FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS and even BLUE SUEDE SHOES, from 1970, also footage of WASP, IRON MAN, PARANOID from '70 and '71 and WAR PIGS from SABBATH's last tour in 1979 (not 1969!). After viewing this footage, it makes you realize what a great band BLACK SABBATH was. With OZZY as the original "prince of madness" how could they have went wrong? A great video indeed. The OZZY with SABBATH footage alone is well worth the price of admission.

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