Interview By: Angie Beardslee

On January 18th, Michigan ROC representative Angie Beardslee had an opportunity to talk with Matt Cameron, drummer for SOUNDGARDEN. They were in Detroit with Guns 'N' Roses. Here's what Matt had to say about a few things.

ROC: How has censorship effected the band and/or music?

MC: We've only had problems with one song "Big Dumb Sex," as far as the lyrics. People couldn't really get a hold of it. That's the only song we've had any problems with.

ROC: How would you describe censorship in your own words?

MC: Censorship is a very un-American phenomenon. In European countries it's more open than here.

ROC: What do you suggest THE ROC readers do to help keep these groups of censoring pigs from censoring everything we read, see and hear?

MC: Just put out as much information about censorship as possible and tell, plus show how it effects people. This way people can hear both sides of the story and decide for themselves.

ROC: Do you have anything you'd like to say to either THE ROC readers and/or the censor groups?

MC: I would like to tell them that every type of art needs complete and free expression. Every kind of music is art. Music is art!

ROC: How has it been on the road with Guns 'N' Roses?

MC: It's really been a lot of fun. We've had to adapt to certain things such as the big crowds. We've been received very well.

ROC: Are you looking forward to touring with Skid Row?

MC: Oh yes, we're looking forward to it. There again, we'll have the big crowds which we're really looking forward to.

EDITOR'S NOTE: ROC thanks Angie and Matt for this interview.

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