Professional gasbag Pat Buchanan who once suggested "what we need is an EPA to regulate the trash in the media" in reference to rock & rap music and whose "Euro-Americanism" even George Will has compared to "a new form of fascism" has (not unexpectedly) brought the tactics of KULTUREKAMPF (cultural warfare) to his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. Days before the Georgia GOP primary, Buchanan ran TV ads condemning George Bush's "complicity" in National Endowment for the Arts funding of what he called "blasphemous" and "pro-gay" art projects. Bush reacted by axing John Frohnmeyer, Chairman of the NEA for three years.

This playing out of the right-wing Kulturkampf at the national presidential campaign level is bound to intensify in the upcoming election year. Citizens everywhere who value free-speech, free-expression and the First Amendment must be ready to act when freedom-of-expression issues take center stage in this election year. To leave the playing field to Buchanan, Bush and an "opposition" easily put on the offensive by "bogus issues" (remember Willie Horton?) would set free expression in the U.S. back even further. While calling out the totalitarian, and yes, un-American nature of calls for censorship, (whether it comes from the "conservatives" or what passes for "liberal" wings of American politics) we must simultaneously work to re-focus the debate back on the REAL issues facing us like unemployment, homelessness and health care for all.

1992 may well be the pivotal watershed year for the Free Speech movement.


As we go to press, we are working out plans to syndicate a ROC radio show. This would be a series of taped half-hour programs of interviews (with Ice-T, The Ramones, etc., music and anti-censorship rants as found in these pages. College and pirate radio stations are encouraged to get in touch.


Speakers from R.O.C. are available to talk to your club, group or class on a host of anti-censorship issues. And though we don't directly book them ourselves we can refer anyone wanting to book such pro-freedom luminaries as Jello Biafra, Roger Libby, Bill Baird, Dave Marsh and others to their agencies.


Get 'em before they're history!

Issue #7, James "Biggie Rat" Dobson's Focus On The Family threatens R.O.C.; Henry Rollins and Ice-T interviews, Lollapalooza review, comic books, Vonnegut, and more.

#6: Combating anti-rock nuts in Michigan, '50s comic book repression, return of labeling laws, R.O.C. confronts the Peters Bros., interviews with Kreator and Wrathchild America.

#5: Published on the eve of the ground war this issue cover story question was "Do We Have A Stake In The Persian Gulf?", plus the Peters Bros., and Phyllis Schlafly dossiers.

#4: Jello Biafra, Queensryche interview, 2 Live Crew, Mapplethorpe, Judas Priest: a post trials analysis.

Only $2.00 from THE ROC. Please specify what issues you want.

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