One of the more promising developments on the music scene these days is the organization of "Music Alliances" in cities like L.A. and Kansas City (or like the Cleveland Music Group) wherein musicians come together to discuss survival issues, developing the music scene, etc. Meanwhile, one of the more promising phenomenons on the home-front literary scenes are the organizing of 'poetry slams', evenings of open, people's poetry readings for which Chicago has most recently gotten so much national notoriety.

Lee Ballinger, Associate Editor of ROCK & ROLL CONFIDENTIAL and organizer of the Music Alliance in L.A., Luis Rodriguez, noted Chicago poet, and Steve Messick from the Philadelphia, PA, based Free Music Coalition all took part in a R.O.C.-sponsored "Cultural Forum" (combining the "Alliance" and "Slam" models) at Chicken's Night Club in Midvale, Ohio, one of the coolest nightclubs anywhere, just up the road from R.O.C. HQ. Luis read from his latest book THE CONCRETE RIVER (Curbstone Press, $9.95), Lee talked on uniting the creative community to fight music & art censorship and later an open discussion took place (with subjects ranging from survival how-to's to sticking it to the censors, followed by music from local tye dyed punk band the Guilty Party.

A good time was had by all at this, the first of what we hope will be more such future R.O.C. evenings of music, poetry, and politics.

A big thanks goes out to ALLISON and STEPHANIE at the Enchanted Forest bookstore of Dover, Ohio (where you can get Luis' book, RRC and THE ROC) for their help in organizing this gig.

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