By: John Woods

On November 7th, Steve and Julie Peters sent out a letter (even to us at R.O.C.) claiming that "Truth About Rock" was broke and breathing its last gasp. The letter cried about how they couldn't make their last payroll, how all but one staff person was laid off, the lease on their office was lost, phone lines were disconnected and the whole vile operation had to be moved into the Peter's basement.

Of course all of us here were just brought to tears over this news. For those who may not know, "Truth About Rock" is the front group for the infamous Peters Brothers. Dan and Steve are the nutty preachers from Minnesota who criss-cross the country conducting book and record burnings. R.O.C. confronted and prevented them from burning last year in Lorain, Ohio.

In this same letter a ballot was enclosed wanting people to respond on two issues: 1) Should Peters keep Truth About Rock going at all costs. If you voted for this option you were of course then expected to include a donation. 2) Should Peters do nothing and let Truth About Rock die. And being the firm believers in the democratic process that we are, we cast our vote and sent it back in the enclosed postage paid envelope. How did we vote? You can bet your ass it wasn't for issue #1.

So here we are checking out the mail a few weeks ago and we come across an article from THE BOSTON GLOBE sent to us by our friend Brenda at EIDOS MAGAZINE. The article had huge headlines proclaiming, "IN WALPOLE, ROCK 'N' ROLL HEATS UP." The smaller sub-headlines read: "CALLING THE MUSIC EVIL, GROUP BURNS ALBUMS, TAPES and ROCK PARAPHERNALIA." Despite all the crying about being broke, the fundie firebugs are at it again.

We want to quote some of the article in order for you to understand what kind of nuts these Peters Brothers are and what "mind-set" they have over people who attend their Nazi-like public burnings.

"It was cold and it was dark and 12 year old Tanya Willette of Walpole, MA was having trouble with a framed New Kids On The Block poster. She couldn't seem to get her foot through the teen idols' much adored faces. 'They have to die together,' she said, folding and mangling the poster with the help of several other kids squealing with delight."

"Standing around a barrel of flames that licked high into the night air, the crowd chanted 'Jesus' name and sang Christian songs like "I Have Decided To Follow Jesus." They then tossed albums, cassette tapes, posters, concert shirts and one Ouija board into the fire. Some children went on a wild record smashing spree, sending vinyl chips flying across the parking lot behind the Christian Life Center, where the event was held. Others helped their parents unravel cassette tapes. Some people toasted marshmallows over the burning music.

This is not the wild tainted account of what goes on at a Peters Brothers event written by THE ROC. This is the account of a reporter for THE BOSTON GLOBE. How long will it take before you begin to see that these kooks are not a joke and must be dealt with seriously? How long will it take? We must get our shit together and start taking these Nazi-upstarts head on! If we let them get away with burning books and records, who is going to stop them when they decide to start burning what they determine to be "undesirable" people?

We urge all of our readers to be on the look-out for these guys. Even though they may claim to be broke, we can see they are indeed still kicking. The whole thing about being broke is probably just another scam these kooks use to pull in even more money. After all, just listen to Bob Larson or Pat Robertson, they use it all the time.

Yes, the fundie arsonists are still kicking, now's the time for us to start kicking back. Join the R.O.C. Army!

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