The following statement was read at anti-censorship rallies held in Los Angeles and San Francisco on December 13, 1991 celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

Greetings of Solidarity from ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP in Ohio to our beautiful sisters and brothers gathered on the West Coast today! It might seem a long way from the industrial rust belt of the Midwest to Hollywood but the concerns we fight for are one and the same: get the government out of the goddamn censoring business!

On Sunday, December 15th, Americans celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights. America's visionary, humanist fore-fathers like Tom Jefferson and their countrymen demanded that basic rights like freedom of speech be spelled out and guaranteed before they'd ratify the Constitution; hence the Bill of Rights. It was as if these guys foresaw the likes of Don Wildmon and his ilk of would-be censors! Today, we at ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP feel that we and our friends in grass-roots, anti-censorship groups throughout the U.S. fighting to keep alive basic freedom of expression, and beautiful, freedom loving people like are gathered here today, are in fact direct heirs to those early American freedom-fighters who fought for and framed the Constitution and Bill of Rights! Give yourselves a hand, goddamit!!!

In the past two to three years we've seen the anti-censorship movement gain coherency and momentum, growing from a simply DEFENSIVE posture, acting or rather RE-acting--only when the censors attack, to a movement growing at both the grass-roots AND national levels, and EVEN beginning to go on the OFFENSIVE as when we initiate BOYCOTTS of corporate sponsors of censorship groups, like 7-UP which supported the PMRC, Tipper Gore's pack of Washington Stepford Wives, or COORS which underwrites kooky groups like Morality in Media.

Here in Ohio, when professional, would-be censors like Jack Thompson, the whacko Florida anti-port lawyer behind the 2 Live Crew bust or the record-burning Peters Brothers roadshow come slinking through our state with their presentations, the ROCK OUT CENSORSHIP posse is there to "greet" them, handing out dossiers on these creeps' backgrounds and generally raising a ruckus so the media and everybody knows these characters are not without serious, organizing opposition. The PRO-CENSORSHIP MOVEMENT, make no mistake, has never been as highly financed and well-orchestrated as today, yet because their aims are DIAMETRICALLY opposed to the TRUE VALUES upon which this country was founded, it is essentially a PAPER TIGER, which is only exposed as such when it's confronted through DIRECT ACTION, as we do through R.O.C. in Ohio or as you're all doing here today!

The social pendulum's due to swing back to greater cultural freedoms but first someone's gotta PUSH IT! Keep pushing, brothers and sisters, keep pushing!

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