By: Wayne J. Karczewski

Standing in the back of Bogart's at the bus waiting to interview PRIMUS was the most restless I have ever been waiting to interview someone. I fully expected it to be an eclectic adventure. IT WAS! As Trouz (Road Mgr.) made his way to the bus with Les and Larry in tow, I was overcome by a feeling of excitement. We boarded the bus and were welcomed and treated the best ever by a band. The interior of the bus was on the dark side, I suspect to conceal the snideness of Les Claypool!

The first question that I brought up was about the days in the Thrash outfit of "BLIND ILLUSION." "I was in and out of it since high school. It was different in that I never played that type of music before," replied Les. "It was a side project along with PRIMUS. PRIMUS was my main objective all along."

I then arrived on the subject of PRIMUS' music. Larry said, "It's not premeditated. We just get together and put it all together. Each of us are so diverse in our own musical background that we just mix real well." Les added, "It's very diverse indeed!"

I asked them what their type of music is called? Larry said, "I have no idea." Les said, "We call it shit." It was suggested that THE ROC run a poll to name the type of music that PRIMUS seathes. So ROC'ers drop us a line and tell us what you think PRIMUS' music should be called. Who knows? You could create a name of a whole new category of music!

We then got serious and talked about government censorship, search & seizure laws etc. "Artists have always been persecuted," stated Les. "It's a Big Brother society that we live in and it's not America's founding fathers' original intent. I feel that any legislation that gives the government more control is something that should be deferred." Larry added, "The founding fathers were rebels just like artists are today."

On search & seizure; Larry, "We got searched in California in our motorhome. Herb was driving and got pulled over. Herb let them in and they sort of picked the place apart," Les said. "The only way we can change shit like this is to stand up and be counted. We are very pro-vote. We were even asked to do one of those ROCK THE VOTE spots. And I think the Motor-Voter is a great idea." (FYI: the motor voter is where you are registered to vote when you get a drivers license.)

PRIMUS was in the midst of a six week tour and just came off of six weeks in Europe with LIMBOMANIACS. They were with TAD stateside. TAD was ok, but everyone including myself were too preoccupied with the thought of PRIMUS. The show was great! The crowd had a big slam going and there was energy abound. The band moved non-stop. Where do they get all that energy? "Trouz and I used to be carpenters," said Les. "You had to have energy to endure that all day." When asked how old they were Les said, "50." Larry, "7". And Herb? "We're not sure, mid 20's, we need to cut off his leg and count the rings!" goofed Les.

At the close of the interview I asked Les and Larry what the wanted from PRIMUS. Larry said, "I just want to go on to Chicago." Les spouted his ambition, "I want to be on a box of Wheaties."

This interview was the most fun I've ever done. Kudos go out to PRIMUS and Trouz for a great time.


A big R.O.C. thank you goes out to Cut-Corner Records in Lexington, KY for helping R.O.C. by selling our mags. We salute Ted and everyone at Cut Corner.

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